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Survey Software You’ll Never Outgrow

The secure, collaborative survey platform for online, mobile and paper surveys.

Create Unique Survey Experiences

Do more than simply ask questions. With more advanced and flexible features than you’ll find anywhere else, Snap Survey Software brings a tailored and unique survey experience to each participant.

  • Engage participants with visual and interactive questions
  • Create enjoyable surveys with dynamic content
  • Personalize with your database data
  • Survey templates optimized for any format

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Surveys In Any Language

Design, distribute and analyze questionnaires in any language including right to left and character based languages. Export for easy translation.

Design and Branding

The look and feel of your survey really makes a difference. Snap gives you complete flexibility to customise your survey, and create reassuringly professional questionnaires that perfectly complement your organisation’s brand.

In-Survey Calculations

An advanced and unique survey tool, in-survey calculations recategorize answers as the survey is being completed. Use with routing, piping and masking to show specific, targeted follow-up questions and information.

Question Routing (Skip Logic)

Ask any question based on replies or any combination of replies given earlier in the survey. Routing (skip logic) is also active while entering data from paper surveys – so you can always be sure of consistent data.

Text Substitution (Piping)

Improve data quality and make the survey feel more like a conversation. Replies to any question can be reused later anywhere in the survey to personalize text or questions.

Two-Way Database Links

Personalize surveys and automatically update records. Respondent information held in your database can be inserted anywhere in the survey and can also be used to pre-answer questions.

Data Merged Paper surveys

Show routing instructions and print unique ID or reference numbers with data merging. Print to any paper size including booklets, and format address layout to fit envelopes.

Interactive Questions

Engage respondents and increase response rates with Snap’s range of interactive questions, or use the custom editor to build your own.

Answer Masking

Show or hide answer categories depending on replies previously given. Answer Masking focuses participants’ attention, ensures more accurate data and simplifies analysis.

Collect Replies Anytime, Anywhere

An automated, efficient and enjoyable survey experience for you and for survey participants – online, on paper, and on the move.

  • Surveys optimized for smartphone, tablet or desktop
  • Scan paper replies accurately and quickly
  • Uninterrupted online or offline mobile interviewing
  • Manage survey schedules online – invites and panels

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survey software

Multi-Format Surveys

Distribute surveys online, on paper and on kiosks or mobile devices. Apply a unique look and feel to each version and bring all your results together for analysis.

24/7 Mobile Surveys

Better feedback captured instantly with uninterrupted interviewing, even in Wi-Fi black spots. Snap Mobile Interviewer automatically synchronizes data and surveys when a connection is available.

Email Invites and Panels

Schedule automated survey invitations and targeted follow up reminders to your clients and customers. Or access our CINT worldwide panel of 7.5 million profiled respondents to generate an ideal respondent panel.

Scan Paper Replies

The Snap scanning module makes short work of scanning paper surveys – saving time while getting you the information you need accurately, quickly and efficiently.

Automated Alerts

React quickly to survey responses. Automated email alerts are triggered by a specific reply or replies, and sent to you, colleagues or participants. Alerts can contain pre-written text and survey responses.

Adaptive Questionnaires

Deliver the best possible survey experience across a range of devices. Snap automatically detects the screen size of the device being used to complete the survey, and displays the version of your survey that will look the best.

Participant Groups

Automate the survey process for ongoing or repeated evaluation with Snap Grouped Questionnaires – ideal for course evaluations, product testing or 360 degree surveys.

Kiosk Mode

Capture point of experience feedback on a dedicated kiosk or secured tablet. Surveys and data are synchronized automatically, with all replies instantly available for reporting.


Participants can attach files to survey responses such as a resume or photograph.

Powerful Analysis and Reporting

Data analysis can be daunting, even for experienced researchers. Snap Survey Software includes innovative reporting and analysis tools that help you obtain the insight you need.

  • Produce dynamic and flexible Smart Reports
  • View an instant summary of survey results
  • Simplify your data with Snap’s suite of Analysis tools
  • Share analysis and reports on and offline

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survey analysis

Smart Reporting

Batch produce multiple report variations, with all the analysis and commentary updated in real time and configured uniquely to each reader, e.g. an individual, region, department or team.

Summary Report

Deliver key insights to your organization or clients with Snap’s instant summary reports. Prebuilt for every survey with results updated in real time.

Analysis Tools

Refine, simplify and recategorize your data. Snap’s analysis tools help you make sense of survey responses; use our range of analysis styles to present results clearly.

Contextualized Analysis

Tailor individual analysis or complete reports for a specific audience, e.g. view satisfaction scores for one location against all other locations combined.

Analysis Logins

Give your clients and colleagues 24/7 access to real-time and personalized survey results. Set permissions to view specific analyses and reports, and create new analyses on the fly.


See how different groups answer specific questions. Filter responses to any question or combination of questions, including keyword search for freetext replies.

Text Response Analysis

Quantify, categorize and filter text responses, then summarize replies as WordClouds or lists. Show comments alongside replies to other questions, e.g. age or gender.

Data Management

See your results in a wider context and keep your records up to date with automatic data import and export between your surveys and your database.


Our suite of statistical tools will help you identify patterns and trends in survey responses, from factor, cluster and gap analysis to z, t, and u tests.

Security You Can Rely On

Our software and systems are certified to the highest possible standards, so you can be sure your data is safe with us.

  • ISO/IEC 27001 certified
  • Run online surveys from your own server
  • Data encrypted throughout the survey cycle
  • SAS 70 / SSAE 16 certified data centers
  • Approved G-Cloud service

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secure survey software

ISO 27001

We’re proud to be ISO 27001 certified – the highest possible standard for information security.

Certified Data Centers

Our US data centers are SAS 70 / SSAE 16 certified to ensure a reliable, secure and compliant system for high performance and high security needs.

Our Software, Your Server

As an alternative to our online subscription service, you can also run our online survey management system on your own servers – it’s cost effective and gives you complete control.

Data Encryption

Respondent data is encrypted at rest, on the server and when in transit.

Daily Vulnerability Scan

Our systems are subject to a rigorous and independent security scan to keep your data safe.

G-Cloud Approved

G-Cloud is a UK government framework of approved supplier services that can be purchased without having to go through a lengthy tender process every time.

Support When You Need It

We know your survey project is important. That’s why our friendly, US based support teams are only a phone call away.

  • US based tech support by phone or email
  • Face-to-face or online training
  • Support Hub – Webinars, videos, worksheets and user forum

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One-to-one Tech Support

Get technical help with your survey from our team of friendly Snap experts. We’ll go the extra mile to help get your survey project back on track.


We have a range of training courses covering every aspect of the survey process, including consultancy style – tailored to your needs, and using your own survey.

Webinars and Videos

Our video library will help you make the most of Snap Survey Software. Keep up-to-date with new features and get expert guidance on subjects such as effective questionnaire design and analysis.


Access over 100 worksheets with step-by-step instructions covering every aspect of the survey process.

User Forum

Moderated by our Snap experts, the user forum is the perfect place to meet and swap ideas with other Snap users.

Software Updates

Simply download new releases and updates straight from our website.

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