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Looking for the best alternative to Qualtrics software? Snap Surveys is perfect for online and offline surveys, audits, assessments, forms, quizzes and more. And, unlike other survey software providers, all features are included in every pricing plan.

Snap XMP Survey Platform

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Snap Surveys is your secure, all-in-one survey platform for reaching a wider audience. With engaging survey design capabilities, in-depth analysis, and smart reporting, you’ll have everything at your disposal to reach greater insights. And it’s all backed by our expert Support Team that puts you first!

  Snap Surveys Qualtrics
Unlimited questions & responses:
No restrictions with our business and enterprise plans.
Yes Yes
Advanced skip logic:
Use filters, skip logic, piping, and calculations to ask the right questions.
Yes Yes
Immediate summary analysis:
Produce summary reports of your survey data in seconds.
Yes Yes
Support from our team of experts:
Get all the help you need to get your research project off the ground, from survey design to published reporting.
Yes Yes
Multiple file export types:
Snap Surveys is a renowned expert on survey data exchange, and can export survey data to CSV, Excel, Word, Triple S, SPSS, PDF and many more.
Yes Yes
Online and Offline survey design availability:
Don’t be constrained by access to the internet. In addition to online design, use the power of Snap Surveys to design and test your surveys offline and simply upload them when you’re ready to distribute them.
Yes No
Compose genuine scannable paper surveys:
Ensure that you reach everyone by considering paper surveys, and use our scanning option to read the responses. Alternatively send them to us and we’ll enter them for you!
Yes No
Choose between Saas or an in-house Installation:
As an alternative to SaaS, host your own installation of Snap Surveys in-house, maintaining total control of your data.
Yes No
Offline Mobile interviewing with full online interviewing capability:
Use our Snap Offline Interviewer app on iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, together with Windows tablets and laptops.
Yes No
Comprehensive Smart Reports:
For a more detailed picture, Smart Reports can include benchmarks and conditional commentary providing advice and highlighting areas of improvement.
Yes No
Unlimited Analysis logins (free of charge) to share results with stakeholders:
When your user logs in, reports you publish will automatically be configured for them to show the results they need to see, and ignore the results they don’t.
Yes No
Price Match Guarantee:
Snap Surveys will match licensing prices quoted by Qualtrics.
Yes No
Security Scorecard rating:
Snap Surveys achieves an A-grade rating for its data security.

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