Use the power of the Snap XMP platform to gather data anytime, anywhere, using tablets, smartphones, and kiosks. The Snap Offline Interviewer app element of the platform, offers all the features and functionality of an online survey, without the need for a reliable internet connection.

Our customers use the app to:

  • Gather immediate feedback at events, venues and attractions
  • Collect contact details of attendees, customers and leads
  • Complete inspections or audits out in the field
  • Set up kiosk surveys that can be completed again and again
  • Conduct market research and face-to-face interviews on the street
  • Administer patient surveys and clinical audits

Offline survey tool features

Online experience offline

Losing connectivity during field research can lead to higher drop-out rates and missed research opportunities, so we developed an app to work just as well offline. You can reliably conduct mobile interviewing 24/7, wherever you are. Time, date and location coordinates can be recorded for each response, and data collected will be stored and then sync automatically when an internet connection is available.

You have complete control over the interview process and can adapt questionnaires in response to live survey results. It’s easy to modify questionnaire lists for specific interviewers, remove or rephrase ineffective questions, and add follow-up questions.

Secure data collection

We have ISO27001 certification – the highest possible standard of information security. Survey data is encrypted throughout: on your device, on the server, and when it’s being transferred between the two. You can also specify interviewer logins for added security.

View real time results

You have instant access to live results. Researchers can view a real-time summary of replies, create new analyses on the go, and filter to see how different groups are answering different questions.

Share personalised analyses and reports

Give clients and colleagues access to view real-time survey results. Set permissions to specify what each individual can view, and configure the analyses and reports to their perspective so they see the results they’re interested in.

Dynamic, engaging, and branded surveys

Increase response rates by creating engaging surveys with a range of interactive questions and advanced survey features. Question routing, piping and answer masking can help respondents answer relevant questions and give you better data. Snap Survey Software also offers the flexibility to design a survey that reflects your organisations’ branding.

Attach files to offline survey responses

Our app allows you to attach any relevant supporting documents to survey responses. These might include images, audio recordings, or PDFs, and you can collect a respondent’s signature using the touch screen.

It’s also possible to record audio of the response for individual questions, or record the whole interview and attach it to a survey response.

Save and Resume

Save and Resume can be used to continue a survey if you need a pause during the interview process, or to preload data such as addresses before going out in the field. It allows you to save partial survey responses that can be completed, submitted or deleted at a later point.

Monitor responses with email alerts

Keep track of key responses by setting up an automatic email notification for every time a specific reply is given. Email notifications can include survey data and information from your database, and they can be sent to multiple email addresses.

Kiosk mode

Conduct surveys using mobile devices in kiosk mode. Access to everything except the questionnaire is locked, and the survey automatically resets to the start if a respondent walks away.