Survey solutions that turn feedback into insights

New to Snap XMP: API

Improve your participants’ survey experience and make your survey workflow more efficient.

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Paper surveys with scanning

Increase response rates and target hard-to-reach communities.

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Paper surveys with scanning and analytics

On-premises Server Edition

Take control over where your data is hosted, collected, and stored.

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Snap XMP

The secure, collaborative survey platform to measure every experience.

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Smiling people giving feedback.

Measure experiences that drive action through insight

Empower strategic improvements with our collaborative feedback platform, expert research consultants, and pre-built solutions.

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Diverse people smiling.

People-driven solutions.
Supporting you every step of the way.

See the bigger picture

Uncover next-level insights with Snap XMP, the experience measurement platform that transforms data into knowledge.

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Deliver engaging surveys

All the tools you need to get insightful feedback.

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Bring minds together

Share projects with ease and streamline your workflow.

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Discover insights that drive change

Take action backed by informed strategic decisions.

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Experience measurement platform
Research services.

Your projects. Our expertise.

Our projects team are with you every step of the way. From best practice survey design and reporting to custom feedback solutions – our experts will deliver your project goals.

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Complete survey solutions, expertly built.

Get effortless insights with pre-built solutions from the Snap Marketplace. Helping you measure every kind of experience – from remote working to customer satisfaction.

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Survey solutions

Achieve your research goals

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