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The market for pre-built custom survey solutions has grown. Gain a competitive edge over the competition by offering your pre-built template solutions and custom reporting to customers. Give your customers access to powerful solutions to gather feedback and insights, and the advanced reporting needed to make informed decisions.

Are you an experienced expert in your field and have proven knowledge of a custom solution that could be offered to customers or target market? As a Solutions Partner, we’ll work directly with you to list your pre-built custom solution on our Marketplace, or you can collaborate with our professional team to create a customized solution to offer to your customers or target market.

What is the Marketplace?

Our Marketplace is an online storefront of pre-built custom solutions: surveys, forms, templates, audits, assessments, evaluations, and more.

The Marketplace includes:

  • Pre-built solutions, customized templates, and reporting created by Snap Surveys
  • Pre-built solutions and reporting created by our expert Solutions Partners
  • Pre-built solutions and reporting created in partnership by our Solutions Partners and Snap Surveys

What is a Solutions Partner?

Our network of Solutions Partners are industry experts with deep market knowledge, experience, and insights. Snap Surveys has collaborated with these partners to offer intelligently designed solutions on our Marketplace. Marketplace solutions are made available to professionals across many industries, covering vast areas of interest for research, data collection, and experience measurement.

Pre-built custom solutions are available to anyone – easily accessible and ready-to-use in Snap XMP: Experience Measurement Platform.

How does the partnership work?

Collaborate with Snap Surveys to make your solution available on our Marketplace.

1. Solutions Partner provides professional question content.

2. Snap Surveys designs the solution with modifiable questions.

3. Snap Surveys and Solutions Partner collaborate to create reports.

4. Snap Surveys creates the final product, ready for the Marketplace.

What are the benefits of becoming a Solutions Partner?

Establish Industry Expertise

Establish your organization as an expert in your industry, target market, or professional field

Enhance Accessibility

Make your pre-built solution available and accessible to anyone

Increase Visibility

Increase brand visibility and promotion to your prospective customers

Gain a Competitive Edge

Achieve a competitive edge over competition by offering your solution to a wider audience

Improve Sales

Drive sales to your solution through a monetary partnership with Snap Surveys

Drive Web Traffic

Utilize our customer base and website traffic to increase sales of your solution

Boost Search Engine Ranking

Increase use of your custom solution with backend link to your organization

Explore Marketing Opportunities

Make use of marketing options to promote your solution

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