Images, videos and audio allow your respondents to feedback on specific items of interest – such as sales collateral, product development ideas, illustrative diagrams and print or broadcast adverts. Audio clips can also be used as questions for respondents with sight impairment.

Interactive images

Interactive images add visual interest to your survey. Participants respond by clicking directly on the image. For example, use a 5 or 10 star rating scale – a great alternative to a more traditional rating scale.


Videos have been shown to be more effective than text questions alone and, thanks to YouTube and other platforms, easy to access and utilise in surveys. In Snap, videos can be streamed* from video hosting services like YouTube or Vimeo using an embed code inserted into the questionnaire.

*An internet connection is required to stream videos. Videos may not be suitable for mobile surveys as most data plans are restricted.


Audio clips can easily be inserted into a questionnaire using the Media Insert feature. Snap automatically displays a Play, Pause, Stop button, and settings such as auto-play or repeat are also available.

Audio clips