Do you use multiple systems when running surveys?

Snap XMP lets you bring them together with two-way database links and an API.  

Every organisation works in a different way – and we want to make sure you can run your survey the way you’re used to. 

These integrations will help you work seamlessly with Snap XMP. 

The benefits of using integrations for your surveys 

Save time and offer a personalised survey experience to each respondent. 

When you already have data on your contacts (such as a unique ID, name, or gender information), this information can be fed directly into a survey.  

By personalising your surveys to respondents, they find it more relevant to themselves and are more likely to respond. It can also hold their interest and keep them engaged, leading to more considered answers and better quality data.  

It can also shorten the survey by pre-answering any questions you already know the answer to due to the data you hold.  

And because the links in Snap XMP work both ways, you can automatically update your database with new or amended information. This is then ready to use in your next survey. No need to manually update! 

  • Shorten surveys and save participants’ time 
  • Pre-answer questions, for example preferred language, age, or gender 
  • Personalise survey text and questions 
  • Hide pre-answered questions from respondents but include the data in reports 
  • Maintain high quality customer records 

For example, you could use customer data held in your SalesForce database to feed into an online survey, then send each customer an email invite with a link to the survey. 

Integrations make it work for you 

Whatever external business tools you’re using, Snap XMP has the power to let you run surveys as you choose.