Traditional written reports are a one-off snapshot of survey results. With Smart Reporting, you can quickly produce multiple and complex report variations. Reports can be configured to the unique perspective of specific recipients at the click of a mouse, and you can run reports again and again.

  • Automate and speed up production of large-volume reports
  • Guaranteed accuracy for unlimited variations
  • Consistent branding, layout, and wording
  • Provide regular internal feedback and sell reports to fee-paying clients

Smart Report examples

Report PDF

Health and Safety Executive – Safety Climate Tool

We helped the UK government go digital in its drive to improve workplace health and safety.

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Report PDF

Care Services NHS Trust

The NHS needs to react to patient feedback in real time. Our software makes sure patients’ voices are heard in a timely manner.

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Produce reports fast

Once you’ve created a report framework, just sit back and let Snap do the hard work. Produce personalised reports at a moment’s notice, and run large report batches for readers at all levels.

  • Give clients and colleagues analysis logins to monitor survey results online
  • Output reports as PDFs
  • Use context to tailor reports or report batches for specific recipients
  • Apply data filters to one-off Smart Reports and report batches

Smart Report examples

Youth Sport Trust School Survey

Getting children fit, active and healthy is a priority. Here’s how we produced 2,000 unique reports about sports provisions in UK schools.

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Sport Wales

The school system that gave us Ryan Giggs, Gareth Bale and Joe Calzaghe needed our help to develop the next generation of Welsh sporting heroes.

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Share targeted and constructive analysis

Include dynamic content and your Smart Reports will feel tailor-made for each recipient. Your Smart Report can include dynamic elements such as:

  • Text and values from analyses inserted into report commentary
  • Identification of high and low performing service areas
  • Recommendations for improvements and action plans
  • Benchmarks for comparison to internal, external or historical data
  • Conditional inclusion of specific analyses, commentary or sections

Smart feedback solutions

Smart Reports are the cornerstone of the custom feedback solutions we develop for our clients. Take a look at our case studies to see how Smart Reporting has made our customers’ operations more efficient and proactive.

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