Increase response rates and target hard-to-reach communities

A paper version of your survey gives all targeted participants equal opportunity to take part. You can increase the overall response rate for a wider survey project, and participants are assured their replies are confidential.

Surveys designed for printing

Our templates make sure your paper questionnaire looks great and is easy to complete. And they are fully customizable too, so if you want more control over the look and feel of your survey, you’ve got it

  • Show routing instructions on the questionnaire.
  • Print surveys to any size and format, including booklet.
  • Print pre-populated address information to fit window envelopes.
  • Personalize surveys with stored information such as participant name, address or unique ID.
  • Edit text and questions simultaneously across paper, online and mobile versions of your survey.
  • Print multi-language versions of the same survey.

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Comprehensive data validation

Mistakes during data entry can seriously affect the validity of your survey results. Snap Survey Software has advanced validation checks to ensure data is input accurately, giving you confidence in your results.

  • Response specific validation checks (e.g. quantity or date range).
  • Ignore unintentionally answered questions.
  • Detailed data entry statistics verify the speed and accuracy of data entry.
  • Apply patterns to validate participant replies for high quality and consistent data. For example date, time or your own unique ID.

Scan paper survey replies

Speed up the data entry process for large volumes of paper questionnaires with the Snap scanning module. It’s quick, efficient, and cost effective.

  • Scan an unlimited number of questionnaires.
  • Scan simplex and duplex questionnaires in a wide range of sizes.
  • Automatically orient skewed, upside down, pages.
  • Automatic recognition of altered, crossed-out replies.
  • Scan surveys created outside of Snap.
  • Recognize multi-choice replies, numbers, and well written hand-printed text.

Share results online

Allocate logins to clients and colleagues to view live analysis and reports. Replies from your paper survey can be combined with mobile and online versions, with individual permissions to specify which analyses and reports each reader can see.

  • Monitor the total number of respondents.
  • View and filter automated survey reports.
  • Create new analyses on-the-fly.