The look and feel of your survey really makes a difference, and can increase engagement and response rates. Snap Survey’s design tools give you complete flexibility to create professional questionnaires that perfectly complement your organization’s brand, logo and colors.

Adding branding and color to surveys and questionnaires

Questionnaire design options include

  • Quick-start questionnaire templates, just add question and answer text.
  • 15 editable question styles; modify the layout, save and reuse on your next project.
  • Click and drag to reorder questions – skip logic and question numbers dynamically update.
  • Insert images in headings, backgrounds and in place of question or answer text.
  • Create questionnaires in a range of screen layouts and paper sizes.
  • Quickly make changes to all questions or questions of a particular style.
  • Create questionnaires in multiple languages.
  • Create unique and personalized dynamic questionnaires.
  • Save and reuse questions in the multi-language question library.

Further options to brand online surveys

  • Deploy surveys using a custom URL.
  • Display online surveys within a window size of your choice.
  • Insert your own HTML, for example, to include a hyperlink to your  organization’s website.
  • 42 colorable checkbox styles, or provide your own.
  • 28 colorable button styles, or provide your own.
  • 12 colorable progress indicators, or provide your own.
  • Add tinted row highlight to individual questions.
  • Additional action buttons, including Restart, Print and Save.
  • Over 30 interactive questions including sliders and interactive images, or build your own.

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