2014 UNO Staff Advisory Council Election Ballot

The UNO Staff Advisory Council (SAC) was established in 1973 to promote and facilitate communications between the Managerial/Professional employees and the Office/Service employees with the chancellor.
Membership on SAC is an elected position. The individuals listed below have been nominated and agree to serve, if elected, on SAC for a three-year term beginning May 2014. Their eligibility has been verified by Human Resources.
According to the Staff Advisory Council's bylaws, there must be a balanced distribution of representation from all areas of the campus. The areas listed below are the only areas currently in need of new representation. Areas not listed have representation from current members whose terms do not expire in 2014.
Only ballots received by 5:00 pm,  April 11, 2014 will be counted. Each person is allowed to vote only once. Duplicate submissions will be discarded.
3.Facilities Mgt, Custodial, Grounds (Vote for 1 office/service representative)
4.Facilities Mgt, Custodial, Grounds (Vote for 1 managerial/professional representative)
5.Office of the Chancellor; University Affairs; Academic and Student Affairs; Graduate Program Office (Vote for 2 managerial/professional representatives)
6.Athletics (Vote for 1 managerial/professional representative)
7.College of Arts and Sciences; International Studies; and College of Education (Vote for 1 office/service representative)
8.College of Business; and College of Information Science and Technology (Vote for 1 office/service representative)
9.Business and Finance; and Support Services (Vote for 1 office/service representative)
10.The information I am submitting is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge
Thank you for participating, please submit now.
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