Welcome to the Office of the Insurance Commissioner
Public Records E-Survey
Ensuring quick and easy access to public records is the top priority of our office.  We strive to improve the quality of our service and assistance to you.  Please help us track how we are doing by filling out this quick survey.
This survey is completely voluntary.  The results will be held confidential by the project evaluator, the Washington State University Social & Economic Sciences Research Center (WSU-SESRC).  No identifiable company-level or individual data will be shared with any organization outside of WSU-SESRC.  The survey results will be reported to the Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC) in the aggregate, summary level.
1.Please rate your overall satisfaction with the Office of the Insurance Commissioner’s  (OIC)  Public Records services:
2.What services did you use?
3.Did you receive initial information about your request within 5 work days?  
4.Did you receive the information you requested?
5.Did you find the information you were seeking?
6.Did you try to contact OIC staff for help
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