This worksheet shows you how to make a question interactive and more engaging by transforming answers to a question into clickable images.


Snap includes predefined interactive images that you can use in your surveys, these are called Map Controls.

Step 1: Add a question to your survey

This section describes adding a single-response question as a Map Control, you can also use multiple-response questions.

  1. Open your survey in Snap.
  2. Add a new Single Choice question.
  3. Enter your questionnaire text, in this example “Overall, how satisfied are you with your visit to Biggs Mall?”
  4. And the text for the answers, Very Satisfied, Satisfied, Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, Dissatisfied and Very dissatisfied.

Step 2: Add the map control

You convert your question to a Map Control using the Show toolbar topic and then set up your Map Control in the Map Control Editor.

  1. Select the question you want to convert to a Map Control
  2. Choose the Show topic and select As Map Control, then click the Show checkbox.
  3. Double-click the gray area or click the [Map control] button on the toolbar to open the Map Control Editor.
  4. Select File | Load Map Control…
  5. For this example, double click the ‘Lrg 5 Point Emoji Pos to Neg.isf’ file.
    select_isf v2
  6. Click the Preview tab at the base of the window.
    map_control v2
  7. Click on each smiley face in turn to check it behaves as you would expect (you will be able to see the code label in the hover over text).
  8. Click [OK] to return to the questionnaire.
  9. Complete your survey, publish it and upload it to Snap WebHost.

Here is the short example we created for this worksheet.


This worksheet has described how to add a map control to a survey.

The worksheet: Using a clickable map to create a star rating scale explains how to change the way areas appear when the user clicks on them.

You may also find this worksheet useful: Using your own images to create Map Controls

There is a reference guide to the Map Control Editor: Map control editor window.

If there is a topic you would like a worksheet on, email to