Quickly create professional, branded surveys

Build surveys that are fully accessible and easy to complete on any device. And, our quick start templates are fully customizable, so if you want more control over the look and feel of your survey, you’ve got it.

  • Questionnaires automatically adapt to mobile phone, tablet, and PC sized screens.
  • Choose from a selection of quick-start survey templates and customizable themes.
  • Create surveys and question libraries in any language.
  • Easily produce professional surveys that complement your organization’s brand
  • Share your survey with a branded custom URL.
  • Snap surveys conform to WC3 guidelines on accessibility.
  • Get complete control – run our online survey management system on your servers.

Get creative with survey questions

Keeping participants’ attention is not always easy, especially when so many surveys are competing for their time. Add visual and interactive questions to make your surveys engaging and keep participants clicking.

  • Merge multiple grids into one to create a compound grid. For respondents using a mobile phone, they will stack for easy viewing on their device.
  • Ask a follow-up question in the same line, so they appear as the same question. This allows for a greater user experience.
  • Present grid questions in a visual and interactive way using question carousels, helping to improve engagement.
  • Add placeholder text to provide guidance on the styling and format required for certain answers, such as dates of birth and email addresses.
  • Select from our range of clickable image questions or design your own.
  • Answer questions with our prebuilt slider controls or design your own.
  • Add audio and video to your survey questions.

Find out more on question types.


Unique survey experiences every time

Tailor the survey experience to each participant and make your surveys more enjoyable to complete – with the added bonus of a higher response rate and more accurate data in return.

  • Control which questions each participant sees with Snap Surveys advanced and powerful question routing.
  • Answer masking focuses participant attention by showing or hiding multi choice categories depending on previous answers.
  • In-survey calculations manipulate and transform answer data in real-time.
  • Powerful and flexible text substitution feeds any answer or in-survey calculation into any subsequent question.
  • Sophisticated response validation ensures your surveys are simple to complete and you get accurate data.
  • Pre-populate your survey with information you already hold on your respondents.

Target specific survey participants

Snap offers a range of ways to help you find and interview the right survey participants.

  • Generate a targeted sample from a worldwide panel of seven million members.
  • Schedule automatic SMS/ email invitations and reminders to your database of contacts.
  • Share your survey on social media.
  • Control how many respondents within particular groups are interviewed.
  • Automate the survey process for ongoing or repeated surveys with Grouped Questionnaires.

Maximize each interview

Streamline your data management, personalize the survey process, and collect extra information from a completed survey in addition to each participant reply.

  • Record participant behaviors such as completion times, start and end dates.
  • Feed information you hold on your contacts into the survey and hide it from view.
  • All replies and hidden data are available for analysis and database updates.
  • Enable participants to attach images and documents to their survey reply.

Respond instantly to survey feedback

Automate your response to survey feedback and manage data effectively. Snap Surveys works hard to make sure you keep on top of managing survey feedback.

  • Set up automatic email alerts, triggered by a specific reply or replies.
  • Make use of Snap’s powerful analysis capabilities to create custom tables, charts, lists, and detailed Smart Reports.
  • Export all or selected replies and hidden data to your database.

Need to run your survey project offline?

No problem, Snap Surveys is more than just an online survey tool. You can run your online survey alongside a printed version as well as interviewing offline on mobile devices and kiosks, and bring all your results together for analysis and reporting.

Offline mobile interviewing

Capture better feedback at the point of experience. Snap Offline Interviewer automatically synchronizes data and surveys when a connection is available, so you can carry on interviewing anytime, anywhere.

Paper surveys with Scanning

Quickly and easily produce a version of your survey ready for any paper size or layout. Survey replies can either be scanned or manually keyed, with accuracy guaranteed using our dedicated data entry system.