This worksheet describes how to use your own images to make a question interactive and more engaging.

We will use the gender question as the example for this worksheet.  Sample images are available to download below.

To download the sample images right-click and select ‘Save Image as…’

Default survey index paradata inserted in survey


After saving the image, you will need to use your browser back button to return to this worksheet.


Snap allows you to present coded questions as clickable images. These are known as Map Controls. To create your own Map Control you must edit your image in the Map Control Editor.

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Step 1: Add the gender question to your survey

This section describes adding the single-response Gender question to your questionnaire.

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Step 2: Define the map control

You convert your question to a Map Control using the Show toolbar topic and then set up your Map Control in the Map Control Editor. You must choose an image and then define the clickable areas.

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Step 3: Making the map control a “Must answer” question

You can apply must answer and minimum and maximum response requirements to Map Controls and Slider Control questions.

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Step 4: Save your Map Control to use again

You can save your Map Control so that you can use it in other surveys and other editions.

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Step 5: Change the Map Control for different screen sizes

Map Controls can take a lot of screen space and take time to load. You can change their size to make them suitable for smaller screens. You can remove them if you are concerned about load time.

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This worksheet has described how to create a map control for a gender question.

The worksheet: Using a clickable map to create a star rating scale explains how to change the way areas appear when the user clicks on them.

There is a reference guide to the Map Control Editor: Map control editor window.

If there is a topic you would like a worksheet on, email to