How Secure is Your Online Survey Data?

When it comes to your online survey data and distribution, are you aware of how secure it is?

What happens to your online survey data? Is it safe? Is it secure? Is it private? Fortunately, for Snap Survey Software users, the answer is yes. Your survey data is safe, secure, and private.

Secure Online Surveys

Many companies may say your online data is secure, but saying your data is secure and actually putting those standards into practice are two different things.survey-software-security

Snap Surveys understand that data location is a very important consideration. We emphasize our obligation to provide all of our customers worldwide with survey software and services that conform to the best available security, accessibility, and professional guidelines. That’s why we are proud to be independently audited and certified by Bureau Veritas as being compliant with ISO 27001, the internationally recognized gold standard for information security systems. By storing your data in a first-rate security infrastructure, Snap Surveys offers customers peace of mind. Thousands of customers trust Snap Surveys with their surveys and survey data.

Snap WebHost is the online questionnaire delivery, analysis, and reporting service operated by Snap Surveys. Security levels are maintained both for the service itself, for the platform it is running on, and for the backup and support services behind it. As an alternative to our online subscription service, you can also run Snap WebHost on your own servers. A growing number of our customers are choosing this option as it offers complete control over their surveys and data. Continue reading

Sport Wales: The School Sport Survey goes from strength to strength

Sport Wales is the national organisation responsible for developing and promoting sport and physical activity in Wales. The School Sport Survey is the largest survey, of any kind, of young people in the UK and possibly the largest survey of its kind in the world.

Sport Wales approached Snap’s Research Services team to manage the 2013 School Sport Survey.

  •  The online survey is split into a sport participation questionnaire which is completed by pupils and a sport provision questionnaire completed by a member of the sports teaching staff. 1328 primary, 222 secondary, 69 independent and 42 special schools were invited to take part.  
  • Snap’s online survey management solution collated over 100,000 responses and dealt with up to 5,000 simultaneous log-ins. 947 unique Smart Reports were produced in total. Responses and reports produced were more than double those of the last survey in 2011.

Becca Mattingley, Senior Research and Evaluation Officer at Sport Wales comments, “Snap Surveys provided us with an online survey solution that goes beyond what we had been able to achieve in previous years. “

Smart Reporting allowed us to produce a set of unique reports with data from multiple surveys providing our partners with a comprehensive set of high quality reports that they can use for sports development, educational and planning.”

If you’d like to find out more about fully secure online surveys and Smart Reporting get in touch.

Know When to Respond to Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Knowing when to respond to feedback from customer satisfaction surveys can help you improve overall customer satisfaction

customer-satisfactionThe ability to respond to customer satisfaction surveys in a timely manner is one of the main advantages of online surveys and mobile surveys. When gathering feedback on a customer’s level of satisfaction with your products & services, or your organizational processes, a higher level of immediacy should be taken. Reacting to survey feedback immediately has become the standard in improving customer satisfaction on a respondent-by-respondent basis. Continue reading

Lower Online Survey Abandonment with 4 Strategies

Lower your online survey abandonment rate with these 4 strategies

The number one reason for survey abandonment is survey length. Streamlined online surveys are more efficient and yield higher response rates. The shorter the online survey, the more likely your survey respondents are to complete it.  Your survey should contain only those questions that are relevant to the research. Using extra questions may have a negative impact on response rates, so only ask respondents questions that are relevant to the objective of your survey.

Other factors contribute to survey abandonment. In order to get a good response rate, you need to attain a balance between effective survey design and data collection, and maintain a positive respondent experience. To prevent survey abandonment, try the following 4 strategies. Continue reading

Snap Survey Software How-to: Create a Course Evaluation Survey for Multiple Courses

Learn how to create a common course evaluation survey for multiple courses with Snap Survey Software

We have created a worksheet describing how you can send student respondents to a course evaluation survey, which they complete once for each course they have completed. When a student has completed an course evaluation, that version is marked as completed and no longer available to the student.

All the responses are analyzed together, so you can make direct comparisons between evaluations of different courses, years, etc. This is done by linking a common course evaluation survey (also known as an iterative survey or a combined survey) to a database that lists all the courses that a student has completed. Snap WebHost, our survey management and analysis system, then provides each student with the course evaluation surveys appropriate to them. Continue reading

Consider Information Accuracy When Designing Online Surveys

When designing online surveys, take into consideration information accuracy

Some online survey questions yield more accurate results than others. Survey respondents can accurately answer straightforward demographic questions about their gender and age, however, when it comes to attitudes and opinions on a particular subject, some respondents may not produce a clear answer.

Attitude and opinion questions should be phrased in a way that best represents how survey respondents think and speak about a particular subject. In some cases, certain online survey questions need to be skipped when they do not apply to a respondent’s experiences or they are irrelevant to a respondent. Continue reading

Snap Survey Software How-to: Use Panel Samples for Your Online Survey

Learn how to use Snap Panel Samples for your online surveys using Snap Survey Software

Snap Panel Samples draw on the resources of Cint, a global company, providing panels of respondents. You can buy access to a panel of respondents supplied by Cint for any online survey built for Snap WebHost, Snap Survey’s powerful online survey management and analysis system.

You can select participants for your online survey in three ways. Continue reading

Are You Using Social Media to Administer Online Surveys?

Engage with you customers by administering your online surveys through social media

Are you currently engaging with your customers through top social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, or perhaps Pinterest?  Is social media a main component of your overall marketing plan? If your answer is “no,” did you know that at least 8 in 10 online users engage in some form of social media, with North America, Europe, metro Asia, and Latin America being regular users. In fact, more than 86% of US adult online users and 79% of European adult online users engage in social media.
Harness this engagement by incorporating online surveys into your social media marketing plans. Conducting online surveys can elevate your social media activities to a whole new level. Whether you conduct a one question online poll or a full online survey, conducting surveys via social media is a way to engage with your customers. Below are strategies to develop, incorporate, and promote one question online polls or online surveys into your social media marketing activities:

Analyze Satisfaction Survey Questions with Scoring

Use the Scoring ability in Snap Survey Software to analyze satisfaction survey questions

If you have a satisfaction survey question in your online survey, or other question where survey respondents are asked to rate a subject using an scale, you can convert respondent data into useful mean values by analyzing the responses using a score. You can then view data as a summary of the satisfaction value of all the data.

Scores are a way of manipulating survey data for analysis. Scores allow you to assign a value to each code, including a no response value (respondent did not answer the question). In advanced online survey software, you can assign a score to each survey question code, and then calculate analyses using the score instead of the code. This method is generally used for scoring satisfaction surveys, so that positive ratings are given positive values and negative ratings are given negative values. You can then summarize the whole satisfaction by calculating the mean of all survey cases, so you know whether survey respondents are generally satisfied or not, by how high or low the mean score is.

Continue reading

Online Surveys to Targeted Survey Respondent Samples

Target respondents for your online surveys

Snap Panel Samples let you send online surveys to a broad range of people or a selected, targeted audience. You can specify the demographics or behavioral characteristics that you want for your online survey, and buy it directly from Snap Surveys via Snap WebHost, Snap’s online survey management and analysis platform.

Snap Panel Samples draw from the resources of our partner Cint, a global company, providing panels of respondents for survey completion. You can buy access to a panel of respondents supplied by Cint for any survey built for Snap WebHost. You do not need to set-up a database link or set up paradata for the panel.

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