Use Survey Software for Progress Reporting

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How do you use survey software for progress reporting?

When it comes to survey software, we invite you to think “outside the box.” Many don’t realize that survey software isn’t just for advanced survey research. While many researchers across an array of industries (such as in healthcare, education, and market research) use survey software as their main data collection tool, it actually has many uses beyond just survey research. There are a variety of benefits for using survey software in other ways. One example is using it to produce business project status reports.

As with many businesses, there is no formal way to track progress of projects. Traditionally, progress is reported during regularly scheduled meetings where individuals or teams discuss what tasks have been completed, what needs to be completed, and the timescales in order to complete tasks on-time and, if applicable, on budget. In some cases, reporting may be even less formal with an email sent to the employee asking for an update. The lack of a process makes projects very hard to track. The entire tracking of progress is inefficient. Employees and managers don’t fully comprehend where someone is on a project, nor do they know how much time is needed to complete the project or if it is on budget.

Using survey software for progress reports

Businesses, or departments within businesses, need a better way to collect information on regular tasks and ongoing projects. One solution is to administer a regular daily or weekly progress survey to employees. The survey can be designed with numerous, customized questions to keep track of all aspects of the project, for example:

  • What did you complete today?
  • What percentage of the project has been completed?
  • What do you still have to complete?
  • When do you expect the project to be completed?

Managers can generate customized progress reports from the survey data making it easy to track developments. This is a much more effective and efficient way for businesses to receive updates on progress.

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