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It’s essential that every part of an event, from the lead up, to the event itself, and following up with attendees after, runs as smoothly as possible. Using survey software, you can automate your event registration form and send out a personalized follow-up survey to capture useful feedback.

Event registration form

Converting interested prospects into registered attendees is one of the first hurdles for hosting a successful event. The event registration process needs to be simple and straightforward, but also capture all the information needed to plan an event.

An event registration form should ask for name, contact number, email address, and depending on the event, it might be useful to gather their job title and organization. The form can also ask for dietary requirements or suggestions about the event’s agenda. However, the number of fields in an event registration form should be kept to a minimum to ensure that attendees can complete it quickly.

Using survey software it’s easy to set up a questionnaire that asks for the relevant details from attendees, and then share it as an online survey. This can be sent as an email invitation to the event, with a link to the event registration form, or it can be accessed online. If an event registration form is distributed by email, it’s possible to send reminder emails as the event gets closer, encouraging registration.

If attendees don’t need to register before the event, survey software can be used to set up a mobile survey on phones, tablets or kiosks in order to collect their details as they arrive.

Automated event follow-up survey

While an event registration form can be key to planning an event, a follow-up survey is important for gathering crucial feedback about how the event went.

To get the most from a post-event feedback survey, it should be sent out as soon after the event as possible. It’s also useful to include some context in the survey, such as speaker names, or topics discussed, to gather specific and accurate feedback. Plus it should remind attendees of any key points from the event. The feedback survey provides the opportunity to develop an ongoing relationship with attendees; it’s also a chance to share further useful resources or tell them about another event.

It’s possible to use survey software to link a follow-up survey with an event registration form (survey) so that it’s seeded with the data gathered at registration and sent out automatically after the event.

Survey software for event registration and follow-up surveys

Using survey software to set up an event registration form and automated follow-up survey will help ensure the event runs smoothly. It will also reduce any missed opportunities from failing to follow-up with attendees, and maximises the opportunity to engage with them after the event.

Automated reports will help track attendance for an event, and then data collected in the follow-up survey will show useful insights to be taken on board for planning future events.

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