Returning to Schools: Feedback tracking with a Student Check-in Survey

The importance of keeping track of students’ educational, physical, and emotional needs in this new and uncertain environment.

student check-in survey

In these challenging times, it is more important than ever for school administrations to keep track of detailed student feedback. This feedback is used to monitor and make informed decisions about student safety in the classroom, student challenges – physically and emotionally, and focus on creating an environment where students feel well supported throughout the new school year. Continue reading

Use Survey Software for Progress Reporting

How do you use survey software for progress reporting?

When it comes to survey software, we invite you to think “outside the box.” Many don’t realize that survey software isn’t just for advanced survey research. While many researchers across an array of industries (such as in healthcare, education, and market research) use survey software as their main data collection tool, it actually has many uses beyond just survey research. There are a variety of benefits for using survey software in other ways. One example is using it to produce business project status reports. Continue reading