5 Reasons to Conduct Online Surveys

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Why conduct online surveys with survey software?  Here are 5 reasons.

Advanced online survey software has been designed to help users design and administer online surveys that can:

1. Cost-effectively develop and send multiple online surveys, or send multiple versions of an online survey

With online survey software, you have the ability to edit online surveys quickly and simply. Snap Survey Software offers built-in questions in the form of SurveyPak libraries give users easy access to many pre-written questions.   SurveyPak libraries contain frequently used questions that can be copied directly into a survey, avoiding the need to develop the question from scratch. You can then edit the question within the survey. With any advanced online survey software solution, you can also send multiple versions of your survey, depending on what you want to discover or who you want to target.

2. Administer surveys quickly

With just a few simple clicks of your mouse, your online survey can quickly get into the hands of your respondents.  With Snap Online, Snap Surveys’ powerful survey management and analysis system, you can upload surveys; administer panel files; manage data collection; view real-time analysis results; and send reports – directly from your account.                                          

3. Track respondents and send reminders to those who have not completed their survey

With online survey software, you can easily track who has completed you online survey. View results in real-time, so you can instantly track how many respondents have completed your survey. Unlike other modes of survey research (e.g. paper surveys, phone surveys, mail surveys), online surveys give you immediate results. With Snap Online, users can manage responses and increase response rates by using email invites, email reminders, and response quotas.

Generate actionable results

Get the results you need through online surveys. Steer clear of the bias of face-to-face interview surveys. You can use online survey software to control how your questions are presented with advanced routing and skip logic. Online surveys give respondents the opportunity to complete surveys at a time that is convenient for them, and provides an environment free from pressure to provide answers to questions that would otherwise make them feel uncomfortable to answer in a face-to-face interview. Online surveys provide a platform for honest and accurate feedback.

Provide advanced security and confidentiality of your survey results with password protection and secure connections 

Online survey data collection and management gives you control over your responses and overall results. Online surveys eliminate the need for paper surveys that can often times be misplaced or respondents hesitant or forget to submit responses. You can easily set-up password protected online surveys, create unique anonymous links, and host data on secure servers.

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