Including a Consent Question in a Survey

As part of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), all organizations must have a documented, lawful basis for processing personal data.

If you decide to use consent as the basis for collecting and processing survey response data, you will need to provide potential respondents with the relevant information so that they can give informed consent before proceeding with a survey.

How to include a consent question in your survey

One of the simplest ways to obtain a respondent’s informed consent to collect and process their personal data is by including a specific question at the start of a survey. There are a few things to consider when adding a consent question to your survey: Continue reading

Tech Support Tip: Limit the Length of Multi-line Responses

Technical Support Tip: *NEW* for Snap 11, Limit the Length of Multi-line Responses

The Interview settings section enables Snap Survey Software users to control aspects of validation, routing, and mandatory questions. And new for Snap 11, users can limit the length of multi-line responses.

limit the length of multi line responses

Here are the aspects of the Interview Settings

No Replies

Stop NR on these questions: Check the box to require the respondent to answer all the selected survey questions in the scrollable list. Questions that have Must Answer set in the variable properties will be selected by default. Note: If you de-select them, the Must Answer property is removed from the question in all editions.  Continue reading

14 Tips to Improve Response Rates

Want to learn 14 tips to improve response rates? We’ll start with 1 – 7.

The higher the response rate, the better. But getting that high response rate can be difficult. Here are seven easy tips for improving your overall survey response rates.

Response Rate Tips 1 – 7

  1. Administer a pre-survey email. A pre-survey email can easily help warm up your respondent sample to the idea of completing your survey. Inform the sample of when they can expect to receive the survey, by what mode (online, mobile, paper, etc.), and explain the incentives (if applicable) and the benefits of the research to the respondent.
  2. Introduce yourself. Compose a well written introduction statement at the beginning of your survey detailing the importance of respondents’ opinions, comments, and overall feedback.
  3. Don’t use sales jargon. When administering an online survey, make sure that your email invitation does not contain text that is too focused on sales or may sound like it is promoting your business.  Customers don’t want to feel like they’re participating in a survey that is too self-promoting. Instead, personalize the invitation and make it more attractive to participants. Continue reading

Snap Survey Software How-to: Use the Totalize Function to Add Responses

Learn how to use the Totalize function to add up responses as they arrive using Snap Survey Software.

When using Snap Survey Software to create surveys,  often times there is a set of questions where you may wish to calculate the total of answers. For example, you may ask survey respondents:

  • how many hours a week they spend doing certain things
  • how much money they spent on different activities during a visit
  • to share a fixed amount or percentage between a set of options

The amount allocated to each option gives the relative importance of each option. This gives good numeric data for data analysis, but it is quite difficult for respondents to comprehend if they cannot see their answers being totalized.

We have developed a worksheet describing the easy steps you can use to implement the Totalize function in your next survey using the Snap Toolkit. The Totalize function calculates a running total as the respondent completes their answers. You can also create a valid range using the Totalize function, so that respondents cannot move to the next page if the total is over or under a certain specified valid range limit (for example, setting a valid range of 0 to 100). If you have set a limit on the total, the answers are checked against the valid range when the respondent attempts to answer the following question. If the answer is outside the range, a message is displayed. You can customize the default message text.

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5 Reasons to Conduct Online Surveys

Why conduct online surveys with survey software?  Here are 5 reasons.

Advanced online survey software has been designed to help users design and administer online surveys that can:

1. Cost-effectively develop and send multiple online surveys, or send multiple versions of an online survey

With online survey software, you have the ability to edit online surveys quickly and simply. Snap Survey Software offers built-in questions in the form of SurveyPak libraries give users easy access to many pre-written questions.   SurveyPak libraries contain frequently used questions that can be copied directly into a survey, avoiding the need to develop the question from scratch. You can then edit the question within the survey. With any advanced online survey software solution, you can also send multiple versions of your survey, depending on what you want to discover or who you want to target. Continue reading

5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Survey Response Rates

Survey research is a valuable form of data collection for any sized business. Surveys can supply the data necessary to make informed business decisions. Whether it is conducting a consumer product survey for research & development, testing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, or collecting feedback about the services provided by your support staff – all results have a significant impact on strategic business decision making.

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