Measure Customer Satisfaction from Current and Past Customers

Measuring customer satisfaction not only from current customers, but also from past customers

Administering customer satisfaction surveys is one of the best ways to uncover data about how customers feel about your products, services, customer service, business and marketing programs, events, and  your company’s overall ability to remain successful. Customer satisfaction surveys produce data that can help your company solve any current customer issues and help prevent potential customer problems.  Collected data can also help gauge your company’s current success with business and marketing strategies, so that you can be assured that your company is staying on target. Customer satisfaction surveys provide your business with an immense amount of valuable data.

What is the Value of Customer Retention?

Understand the value of customer retention

Many companies realize that customer retention is extremely important. They recognize that losing valued, loyal customers is bad for the company’s long term revenue potential and overall success. Even though this is understood on a basic level, few companies – especially those companies providing a service – seem to misunderstand what losing a single customer can mean to their business.


Example:  Sandra took her car to an auto maintenance facility for trouble with her oil gauge. Sandra knows very little about cars, so she decided it would be wise to have her car towed to the closest auto maintenance facility to be serviced. The mechanic on duty treated Sandra with absolute condescension.  He acted as if Sandra should know much more about cars and how to check her own oil. Upon completion of service, the mechanic charged Sandra for 2 hours of service even though Sandra had only waited an hour for her oil to be checked and changed.  It was obviously a bad experience for Sandra, and she had no intention of returning to that auto maintenance facility for future services, nor would she recommend their services to friends and family.

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Timely Response to Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Take the time to respond immediately to customer satisfaction surveys 

Administering online surveys and mobile surveys with survey software gives you the ability to receive immediate customer feedback, view data in real-time, and respond to feedback in a timely manner. Many surveys do not have the same level of responsiveness that customer satisfaction surveys do, and for that reason, immediate attention is not always required. The exception is when you conduct a customer satisfaction survey to measure your customers’ level of satisfaction with your products, services, processes, and overall organization. Reacting to this information is very time sensitive, so immediate action is necessary. Reacting to survey feedback immediately has become the new standard in improving customer satisfaction on a respondent-by-respondent basis.

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Don’t Disappoint Your Online Survey Respondents

Screen your online survey respondents, but don’t disappoint

When conducting market research, not all of your online survey respondents will qualify to complete your survey. When developing your market research surveys, it is good practice to use screening questions to ensure respondents are relevant to your research. Not all survey respondents will qualify. Even the most advanced panel samples will contain some potential participants that do not meet your screening criteria. For example, if the topic of your research survey requires that respondents be female and employed full-time, most respondents will hopefully meet this requirement, but some unfortunately will not. Therefore, they will need to be screened out.

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Monitor Internal Training Programs with Online Training Surveys

Monitor the success of your internal training programs with online training surveys

Businesses know that running successful internal training programs takes a lot of hard work and dedication of time and resources, including: compensating an instructor to lead a training, paying employees for their time to attend a training, and in some cases travel expenses could be incurred for off-site trainings. Because of this costly business investment of time and resources, it is important to track the success of all training programs with online training surveys.  Do employees find the trainings effective?  Did they gain insight into subjects that will help them do their job better?

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Snap Survey Software How-to: Live Update Online Survey Respondents

Learn how-to live update online survey respondents on Snap WebHost

Have you come across the need to update the respondents in your live online survey hosted on our online survey management system, Snap WebHost. There could be several reasons why you need to update your respondents, including:

  • You realize that you have seeded the wrong data for respondents that you had already uploaded (for example, their addresses are wrong)
  • You need to add more respondents for a current, live online survey
  • You want to run the online survey again with a completely new set of respondents

Updating your respondents is easy, while the survey is still in progress. Don’t worry. This process does not delete information about respondents who have already completed the survey.

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Build Customer Experience through Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation will allow you to target specific groups of customers effectively

When it comes to interacting with customer service, your customers will choose the channels with which they are most comfortable and provides them with the best customer experience. Some customers choose to purchase products at a store, and when it comes time to engage with customer service, they may choose to inquire in-person, make a phone call, or even <gasp!> write a letter. Yes, people still write letters. Others may choose to purchase products online, keeping the interaction with customer service all digital and inquire with question via email, live chat, Twitter, or Facebook. There are even those customers that choose to purchase a product online, but prefer the interaction of a phone call with a live customer service representative, or there are those customers that purchase in a store, but prefer to interact with customer service online. Your customers’ customer service needs are diverse, so you need to accommodate.

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What are the Benefits of Post Event Surveys?

Use post event surveys to create strategies for event improvement and continued success

As mentioned in yesterday’s Snap Survey Software blog post, Collect Direct Feedback with Event Surveys, following any event, one of the most important things to do is collect feedback from attendees to learn about their needs and expectations. Event managers can use this information to create strategies for event improvements and continued success.

Following events, it is recommended that event managers send post event surveys via email asking attendees to complete an online event feedback survey, or send a link to a survey on a postcard or other promotional mailer.  Creating online event surveys with survey software gives you the ability to manage respondents and responses online with an intuitive survey management system. With an advanced online survey management system, you can easily upload contact information of event attendees, invite respondents to complete your online event survey with email invitations, keep track of who has responded, save partially completed surveys, send email reminders to those that have not responded, and view results in real-time.  Continue reading

Choose the Right Incentive for Your Online Survey

If you choose an incentive for your online survey, be sure to choose the RIGHT incentive

If you plan to offer an incentive to your respondents for completing your online survey, make sure you choose the incentive sensibly. The right (or wrong) incentive can have a big impact on your survey response rate.

The first step is to choose an incentive that you would like to offer respondents that successfully complete your online survey. There are five types of incentives you can offer, which include:

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Use Survey Software to Engage with Sales Prospects

Survey software as a lead generation tool?

Your sales team compiles several sales leads throughout the year, from information gathered at trade shows, conferences, webinars, sign-ups for trial accounts, online pay-per-click campaigns, and more – many of which stay in your CRM systems as unconverted sales opportunities.

Have you ever considered using survey software as a lead generation tool?  Survey software is not typically viewed as a sales tool, however, it can prove to be a great asset to any sales team. Surveys are an effective way to gather information about current and potential customers’ needs, as well as a tool to engage and gather important customer data that you can use to develop sales strategies. Continue reading