What Happens When Respondents Complete an Online Survey?

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You can choose what happens when respondents complete an online survey

Using Snap Survey Software, you can choose what respondents view when they complete an online survey, including:

  • send respondents to the Snap Survey Software default thank you page;
  • send respondents to a web page of your choice; or
  • close the survey window.

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Go one step further! You can customize a thank you page to the individual respondent, or send them to specific web pages based on answers given in the online survey.

A thank you page gives respondents confirmation that their survey was successfully submitted.  Additionally, a thank you page is an excellent tool for search marketing and lead generation. Use the thank you page to first thank the respondent for completing your survey. If you like, you can give the respondent some brief options. You can direct them to your website, a social media site, a video, or even an information request form for lead generation. The options are immense, so don’t limit your thank you page to just a thank you message. This is your opportunity to use the page to your advantage. You could even give the respondent a link to complete another online survey!

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