Why Administer Anonymous Employee Surveys?

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Your employees are one of, if not the most, important asset to your company. What they say about your company, how they act in the workplace, and how happy they are in their roles as employees all have an impact on areas of your business, for example: your brand image, your level of services, your customers’ satisfaction, and other employees’ attitudes and opinions. But, ultimately, there can be a great impact on long-term success of your company.

Maintaining a high level of employee satisfaction is essential to the success of any business. A high rate of employee satisfaction is directly related to a lower employee turnover rate. Happy employees are generally more productive, therefore creating increased profits to your business. Keeping employees satisfied with their roles should be a major priority for your company. While this should be a regular business practice, certain factors, such as the current economic downturn, can cause employers to ignore measuring employee satisfaction because of budget constraints.

There are numerous reasons why your staff can become dispirited with their employment, including: high stress, lack of recognition, lack of internal communication, or limited growth opportunities. However, if a company is not measuring employee satisfaction with surveys, they are missing out on this valuable information, which can aid in retaining good employees.

Many employees find it difficult to express their thoughts and feelings toward their employer through face-to-face meetings.  A cost-effective way to measure employee satisfaction and provide an unobtrusive platform to employees is through anonymous online employee surveys. The easiest way to do this is by designing and administering anonymous online surveys through online survey software.

Providing employees with anonymous online surveys gives them a way to provide comments and feedback without having to worry about retaliation from their employers. For example, your company may have implemented a new process. Secretly, some employees may dislike this new process; however, they don’t feel they can express their disapproval with the process face-to-face.

Allowing your employees to complete an online employee survey anonymously will allow those who are less confident to provide their own comments, opinions, suggestions, and ideas in a more comfortable medium. In some instances, certain employees may feel that their responses will be ridiculed simply because of their age or position with the company. Anonymous employee surveys will provide your staff with the chance to share what they consider important, free from judgment or ridicule.

To ensure both impartiality and anonymity of employee surveys, your company may want to consider hiring a third party survey provider to conduct employee surveys for your company. Online survey software companies like Snap Surveys provide the tools with simple design, easy administration and data management, and robust analysis capabilities necessary to manage anonymous employee surveys. Additionally, if you lack the time or resources, Snap Surveys has a research team that can design, administer, and analyze data for your employee survey project.

Whether you choose to use an online survey software tool or a third party service, you will be able to conduct a cost effective employee survey that will ensure your employees of their anonymity, while providing your company with significant feedback.

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