How Can You Encourage Constructive Feedback from Employees?

Explore 4 tips on how you can encourage constructive feedback from employees

Below, we detail four tips employers can utilize when they receive constructive criticism and complaints, use that information to respond properly and improve communication.

1. employee-feedbackAsk your employees for company improvement suggestions. Administering an online employee satisfaction survey once or twice a year to gather employee feedback is always a great idea, but how about taking it another step forward? You could start an employee recommendation reward program. The program can reward any employee who suggests an improvement that helps the company be more profitable and more efficient. Keep a company recommendations survey live indefinitely and share the link often or place the link in a highly visible location such as on the company intranet. Encourage employees to submit improvement ideas regularly.

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Feedback Surveys to Improve Management Processes and Practices

Feedback surveys are a great tool to improve internal management processes and practices across your entire business

employee-feedback-surveyBusinesses are constantly evolving and looking for ways to implement changes that improve growth and development.  Employees are an excellent resource for gathering important feedback via internal surveys and forms. Whether a business is large or small, feedback surveys generate important and meaningful data, that businesses can use to make informed business improvements. Feedback surveys are a great tool for businesses to gather representative and relevant data to to drive decision-making, streamline workflows, improve company processes, make data-driven business changes, and much more. Continue reading

What Are You Doing to Celebrate Your Employees?

Today, March 6th, is Employee Appreciation Day. What are you doing to celebrate your great employees?

It’s important to celebrate your employees everyday, but the first Friday in March marks Employee Appreciation Day in the United States. It’s a day to stop and take a moment to recognize and honor all the hard work of your employees. It’s a chance for executives, directors, and managers of all levels reward their employees, and show their appreciation for a job well done.

What are you doing to celebrate your employees?

Looking for some ideas? We have a few.

  • Keep it simple – just say ‘thank you’. Whether it is in person, in an email, or on a thank you note (yes, people still give hand-written notes).  The simple act of saying ‘thank you’ goes a long way.
  • If you know your coworkers’ interests well, consider a small gift. This small gesture will certainly brighten up an employee’s day.
  • If you can afford to, consider a monetary gift. Monetary gifts such as bonuses or gift certificates say ‘thank you’ quite nicely.
  • Hold an employee raffle. Raffle a small prize such as an appreciation gift or a gift certificate.
  • It’s hard to resist a hearty meal. Treat your employees to breakfast or lunch.
  • Treat your staff to homemade treats for a nice personal touch.
  • Take your employees time into consideration. If your positions are flexible enough, consider sending employees home an hour early.
  • Provide your employees with opportunities. Employees appreciate the opportunity to attend professional association meetings, participate in training groups, represent your organization at events, attend workshops, or be part of a special committee where they can showcase their talents.

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Start with Employee Satisfaction, End with Employee Engagement

Organizations need to start with employee satisfaction, but ultimately end with employee engagement

employee-engagementAs mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, 4 Questions to Consider Before Investing in Employee Engagement, employee engagement is a hot topic amongst today’s organizations with a goal of improving performance. That intense interest is now evolving into deeper thinking about company culture. Organizations across the globe are measuring employee satisfaction, and seriously assessing what kind of workplace culture they want and need in order to obtain and retain customers.

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Do You Feel Appreciated on this Employee Appreciation Day?

Do you feel appreciated at work? Today, March 7th is “Employee Appreciation Day.”

employee appreciationDoes your company make it a priority to not only attract new employees, but also retain its current talent? Do you find that your company is like a revolving door – employees seem to come and go frequently? How can you tell if there is a lack of appreciation? Make it a point to ask.

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Best of 2013 Blog Posts – Organizational Surveys

We continue to take a look back at some of the best Snap Survey Software Blog topics posted in 2013.

organizational-surveysCatch-up now on some informative topics in organizational surveys, including topics on employee surveys, employee satisfaction, employee reviews, event surveys, training surveys, and more.

Employee Surveys

Monitor Internal Training Programs with Online Training Surveys

Make Use of Survey Software to Create Employee Surveys

When is the Best Time to Survey New Employees?

Satisfied Employees Leads to Satisfied Customers

Increase Employee Morale with Employee Satisfaction Surveys

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Make Use of Survey Software to Create Employee Surveys

Learn about the types of employee surveys you can create with survey software

When designed and administered correctly, employee surveys can be used by any business or organization to solicit invaluable, constructive feedback, and they can function as an effective tool for employee performance management. Businesses can use employee feedback (comments, opinions, behaviors, and suggestions) to create strategic strategies to help improve employee retention, increase productivity, create a cohesive work environment, as well as provide a benchmark to measure continued improvement. Continue reading

Are You Using Survey Software to Develop Employee Surveys?

Using survey software is the best way to develop employee surveys

Employee surveys are a great way to solicit employee feedback from employees on a wide range of workplace issues. Using survey software to design and administer, employee surveys can include a number of areas across the business and can be broken down into individual types of employee surveys.

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8 Tips for Administering Employee Surveys

Learn About the Types of Employee Surveys and Tips for Administration

When designed and administered correctly, employee surveys can be used by any business or organization to solicit invaluable, constructive feedback, and can function as an effective employee performance management tool. Organizations can use employee feedback – such as comments, opinions, behaviors, and suggestions – to create important strategies to help improve employee retention, increase productivity, create a cohesive work environment, as well as provide a benchmark to measure continued improvement.

Types of Employee Surveys

Employee Satisfaction Surveys data is used to increase productivity, job satisfaction, and loyalty. Employee satisfaction surveys identify the root causes of employee satisfaction and target those areas.

Employee Attitude Surveys identify the root causes of workplace attitudes, providing a way to improve employee productivity and commitment to work. Continue reading

Webinar: Measure Employee Satisfaction with Staff Satisfaction Surveys

Key Objectives to Measure Employee Satisfaction with Staff Satisfaction Surveys

We invite you to join us on Tuesday, July 10th, 2012 for a free webinar – part of our free Snap Summer Camp 2012 webinar series running from June 14 – September 12, 2012.

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