Tips to Improve Employee Loyalty, Part 2

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We continue on from last week’s Snap Survey Software blog post, Tips to Improve Employee Loyalty, Part 1.  In part 1, we defined what employee loyalty is, and examples of using direct efforts to improve employee loyalty.

As mentioned, the way to improve employee loyalty is to make efforts directly toward your employees. We discussed listening to your employees and initiating impromptu promotions. Here are some additional examples.

Measure Satisfaction

Measuring employee satisfaction plays a role in employee loyalty. You need to make sure that your business is consistently measuring employee satisfaction.  Employee satisfaction can be a main component in the success of a business. 

Tip: Measuring employee satisfaction requires the use of employee surveys. Businesses may use questionnaires and surveys to measure employee satisfaction. Depending on the accessibility of employees, a mixed mode of online surveys and paper surveys may be necessary. Employee satisfaction surveys are focused on the satisfaction of the employees and cover topics such as: overall feedback, teamwork, growth opportunities, mission and goals of the company, work/life balance, fairness, respect of management, respect of employees, communication, compensation, benefits, and workplace resources. Results of the survey can be shared with all employees. Businesses should also create an action plan to increase employee satisfaction and share that plan with all staff. This shows a commitment to your employees.

Increase Benefits

Not all business can afford monetary compensation. If this is true of your company, you are not alone. Surveys have indicated that employees are not satisfied with just monetary compensation. Employees appreciate non-monetary benefits just as much, if not more. Often times, they are more rewarding to employees.

Tip: Research other local business in your area. What do they offer their employees? Can you offer the same benefits (if not more) while keeping costs low? Good benefits help to retain good employees. For example, offer: free or reduced-cost gym memberships, tuition reimbursement, employee stock options, paid community service, adoption assistance, incentive programs, retirement funds, and insurance. All of these are examples of good benefits, and all require your employees to stay with your business in order to continue to receive these great benefits.

Management Review

Often times, managers may cause employees to feel valuless. A single unpleasant manager can cause a shortage of loyalty with many employees.

Tip: If the results of your employee satisfaction survey determine that employees are disloyal to the company or are discontent with their position, analyze survey results that focus on management.

Employee loyalty is an important part of maintaining a successful business.  Utilize these tips to develop business strategies to improve employee loyalty and to help retain a good, lasting workforce.

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