How Can You Encourage Constructive Feedback from Employees?

Explore 4 tips on how you can encourage constructive feedback from employees

Below, we detail four tips employers can utilize when they receive constructive criticism and complaints, use that information to respond properly and improve communication.

1. Ask your employees for company improvement suggestions. Administering an online employee satisfaction survey once or twice a year to gather employee feedback is always a great idea, but how about taking it another step forward? You could start an employee recommendation reward program. The program can reward any employee who suggests an improvement that helps the company be more profitable and more efficient. Keep a company recommendations survey live indefinitely and share the link often or place the link in a highly visible location such as on the company intranet. Encourage employees to submit improvement ideas regularly.

2. When an employee expresses dislike or brings a complaint to your attention, be sure to react and take action immediately. Always ask them for their ideas on how to fix the problem. Employees appreciate being a part of the decision-making process.

3. If an employee brings up a complaint or constructive suggestion, never criticize or patronize the person. Thank them for their comment and ask if you could spend some time to discuss and try to fix the problem.

4. Never take employee feedback personal. It’s all constructive criticism. Remember that most employees have a specific reason why they remain working for the company, or are seeking a reason to continue working for the company. An employee who submits a complain is likely stating “Here’s a problem. Lets fix it so I can continue to enjoy working here again.”

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