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Learn about the types of employee surveys you can create with survey software

When designed and administered correctly, employee surveys can be used by any business or organization to solicit invaluable, constructive feedback, and they can function as an effective tool for employee performance management. Businesses can use employee feedback (comments, opinions, behaviors, and suggestions) to create strategic strategies to help improve employee retention, increase productivity, create a cohesive work environment, as well as provide a benchmark to measure continued improvement.

Types of Employee Surveys

There are several types of employee surveys that you can create with survey software.

  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys. Determine the root cause of dissatisfaction issues, and target them accordingly.
  • Employee Opinion Surveys. Discover views and beliefs held by employees.
  • Employee Attitude Surveys. Assess employees’ emotions and feelings within the workplace.
  • Employee Engagement Surveys. Measure how engaged, eager, and dedicated employees are with respect to their job, coworkers, management, and the company.
  • Employee Performance Appraisals. Management evaluates and provides feedback on employee job performance, including steps to improve or redirect activities as needed.
  • 360 Surveys. Examine the employee from multiple viewpoints, including coworkers, supervisors, managers, subordinates, vendors, and customers.
  • Organizational Assessment Surveys. Measure the key strengths in a company, from a global perspective.
  • Employer Improvement Surveys. Give employees the chance to provide constructive criticism about their employer. Employers use this information to strategize ways to improve their organizational processes, and identify areas of weakness.
  • Employee Benefits Surveys. Regularly survey employees regarding benefits satisfaction can help organizations tailor benefit plans to their employees.
  • Professional Development Surveys. Ask employees if they feel they’ve been given the proper training and development tools to advance their professional career goals in the workplace.
  • Employee Exit Surveys. Provide valuable insight into workplace relationships, training, opportunities for growth, and work processes within an organization.

Employee surveys provide useful information to help companies improve in all areas of the business. Developing employee surveys using survey software: streamlines the process, makes it simple to administer, easy to collect data, and includes built-in analysis.

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