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Employee Engagement Survey

It’s a ready-to-run survey designed to gather views on a range of topics relevant to your employees, from the job, the manager and the company, to relationships, key policies and communications.

This survey then probes what’s most important to employees and encourages them to suggest their own ideas.

The tool collects information about how well people are being managed, and gives them a proper channel for their ideas to be aired and heard, helping them do their jobs better.

The more “engaged” your employees are, the more successful your organisation is likely to be.


The “Great Employee Resignation” of the pandemic era (where over 4 million Americans quit their jobs and 25% of Brits plan to) makes employee retention more important than ever.

This pre-built survey solution helps you to understand how engaged employees are at work.

Engagement is more than happiness; it’s about your staff’s fulfilment, motivation and emotional investment.

Why use our employee engagement survey?

Our Employee Engagement survey features professionally designed questions and allows you to run reports with a click of a button, quickly helping you identify key stories within your data.

Through these insights, you can strategise the adjustments you may need to make to keep employees engaged.

Employee engagement survey benefits

  • Pre-built solution
  • Select up to 22 engagement questions
  • Easy one-click analysis
  • Quick summaries and in-depth reports
  • Customisable to your organisation
  • GDPR data compliance
  • All data is stored on UK servers

The survey assesses employees’ feelings on their role, the company, their manager, relationships with colleagues, key policies and communications, what is important to them and how they can share ideas.

You can choose to run this survey online or offline via paper – or even a combination of both.

Anonymity is assured for all respondents.

Employee Engagement Reports

This survey has built-in, comprehensive reporting to help you dig deep into your data.

In addition, you will be able to print out PDF versions your reports to share with others.

To protect the anonymity of the respondents, reports will only be available when 10 or more responses have been entered.

Download an example of the Employee Engagement Survey report (PDF)

Our survey features

  • Print paper copies of your questionnaire
  • Customise with your logo and branding
  • Include demographic groups for in-depth reporting e.g. department, team, location, gender
  • Automated analysis reports – view in tables or charts
  • Tailor to your organisation’s tone of voice e.g. change team leader to supervisor or MD to CEO
  • Filter by year for quick comparison

All-in-one survey solution

This solution includes everything you need to start putting employees first.

All at the click of a button – no training required!

You don’t need to be an expert in employee engagement either.

Pricing plans

There are two options to choose from, depending on the size and needs of your organization .

  • Free (for up to 50 employees)
  • Professional: Special introductory price $495 for organizations with 51 to 500 employees.

For the Free version, click Get Started for free. You will then create your account and access your survey.

For the Professional version, click ‘Find out more’.



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Date created January 31, 2022
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