Tips to Increase Online Survey Response Rates

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When it comes to potential survey respondents, it’s important to remember that they possess no obligation to complete your online survey.  Consequently, respondents must be highly persuaded to complete your online survey.

When designing and structuring your online survey, keep the following 5 tips in mind in order to get the best survey response rates possible: 

  1. Skillfully compose a well written introduction statement for the opening page of your online survey detailing the importance of participants’ opinions, comments, and overall feedback.
  2. Clearly express how important confidentiality, anonymity, and security of respondent information is, and the steps your company is taking to support your claim.
  3. Connect with your respondents by creating engaging questions that target their interests.
  4. Ensure the design of the online survey has a nice and smooth flow. The sequence of individual survey questions as well as the sequence of each section in the online survey should have a logical flow, which naturally leads respondents through the survey.
  5. The objective of your online survey is for your respondents to provide truthful, meaningful data. All survey questions should have proper wording and a clear perspective. Correct use of wording will help respondents to focus their thoughts and feelings, resulting in more accurate and meaningful data.

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