Use Survey Software to Engage with Sales Prospects

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Survey software as a lead generation tool?

Your sales team compiles several sales leads throughout the year, from information gathered at trade shows, conferences, webinars, sign-ups for trial accounts, online pay-per-click campaigns, and more – many of which stay in your CRM systems as unconverted sales opportunities.

Have you ever considered using survey software as a lead generation tool?  Survey software is not typically viewed as a sales tool, however, it can prove to be a great asset to any sales team. Surveys are an effective way to gather information about current and potential customers’ needs, as well as a tool to engage and gather important customer data that you can use to develop sales strategies.

Why can’t your business convert leads – leads that have an obvious need for your products or services?  There are many compelling features built into your products or services, but is your sales team communicating all of those features to sales prospects?  If the features were communicated better to prospects, would it make a difference?

What are your stand-out features? Start by compiling a list of 15 to 20 or so features that could make your product more attractive and persuasive to sales prospects. From there, create an online survey based on those key features. Administer the online survey to prospects, but remove your company logos, which could cause bias. An impartial, third party survey administrator may be your best option.

In the first part of the survey, ask prospects which of the following list of company products (competitors), including your company’s product, they have either heard of, presently use, or have used in the past. Following this question, ask what features they believe each of the products has. The objective of this survey is to gather data on how these sales prospects perceive your product and how it compares to competition. Complete the survey by asking prospects the top five features that may impact their buying decision.

This study is an example of how you can use survey software, normally used for more advanced research studies, and use it to help other teams in your organization. This is a quick and easy way to explore baseline details for unconverted sales leads.

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