Use Survey Software to Engage with Sales Prospects

Survey software as a lead generation tool?

Your sales team compiles several sales leads throughout the year, from information gathered at trade shows, conferences, webinars, sign-ups for trial accounts, online pay-per-click campaigns, and more – many of which stay in your CRM systems as unconverted sales opportunities.

Have you ever considered using survey software as a lead generation tool?  Survey software is not typically viewed as a sales tool, however, it can prove to be a great asset to any sales team. Surveys are an effective way to gather information about current and potential customers’ needs, as well as a tool to engage and gather important customer data that you can use to develop sales strategies. Continue reading

Will Mobile Surveys Replace Trade Show Lead Forms

The main objective of any trade show exhibit is to engage with attendees, build new relationships, generate a good number of sales leads, and collect business contacts. With the rise in popularity of mobile surveys, surveying trade show attendees just got easier.

Build a Lead Qualification Survey

A trade show lead qualification survey is really nothing more than a customer profiling form. When respondents provide answers to a pre-developed set of qualification questions and contact information, you’re collecting extremely valuable information that is used for the purpose of generating new sales.

When you capture trade show attendee data as part of a lead qualification survey, you’re creating warm leads – customers who have heard or recall something about your company. Warm leads are much easier to convert to the next stage in the sales process (as opposed to cold leads or cold calling). Warm leads are at least willing to have a conversation with you about your products and services.  Continue reading