Install Snap WebHost on your own servers

Until now, Snap WebHost has been available as a Subscription Service only, with Snap providing a full hosting service at Rackspace’s fully certified SSAE 16 data center.

With issues of internal security and large volumes high on the agenda, we have launched a private, perpetually licensed edition of Snap WebHost, which you can install on your own servers.

The benefits of installing Snap WebHost on your servers include:

  • The system is totally under your control and can be behind your own firewall.
  • Fixed annual costs.
  • There are no limits to the number, the size and the complexity of the surveys you run, apart from sufficient hardware capacity to cope with the loads.
  • There are no limits to the number of login accounts that enable researchers and clients/colleagues to access the system.
  • Branding with your own specific URL address is completely under your control.
  • Access to Snap Mobile Anywhere technology.

Take advantage of  Snap WebHost’s powerful and advanced features including:

  • Automated scheduling of email invitations and reminders.
  • Survey logins for added security.
  • Key fields pre-populated from external databases.
  • Design of multi-language questionnaires.
  • Full control over any setting of quotas for key groups.
  • The setting of automated alerts for key events within a survey.
  • Live online analysis of results.

The hardware configuration at your data centre is very much dependant on the number of concurrent operations being undertaken. For an installation where the issue of privacy is of primary importance rather than volume, we would suggest a Server with a 2.0Ghz+ Dual Core processor and 4GB of memory, plus a 100GB RAID hard drive.

Where high volumes of data are an issue, we would suggest that you contact us to discuss your requirements.

For the above configuration recommend Windows Server 2008 or later, and Microsoft IIS V7.0 or later.