When you create a questionnaire you can make sure it matches your company’s branding. This worksheet shows you how to use Style mode to:

  • use images as response boxes for your multi-choice questions
  • save your new style to use with other surveys.


Snap has two modes for creating questionnaires: Design and Style. Design mode is where you add questions. Style mode is where you define the look of the question types used in the questionnaire.

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Step 1: Setting all boxes to be images

Select a Multi Choice type question and set the boxes to a specific image in Style mode.

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Step 2: Saving your new boxes as a style

You can save any changes as a question style so you can re-use them.

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This worksheet has described how to use Style mode to set up styles for your survey. There is a description of the modes at Modes, styles and style attributes.

There is a section in the help on Altering the boxes for question codes.

There is a description of how to remove question numbers from messages in the help in the topic Hiding question numbers in web surveys and changing associated text.

There are reference pages on the Style Organiser and the Style Properties dialogs.
If there is a topic you would like a worksheet on, email to snapideas@snapsurveys.com