The Role of Images in Online Surveys

What is the role of images in online surveys? Produce interactive online surveys that engage with respondents and produce higher response rates.

Research conducted by Snap Surveys determined that respondents are more engaged with the subject of an online survey when questions are presented in a colorful and interactive way. The use of images in interactive questions is an effective way to engage with respondents in online research, and produce higher response rates. Why? Interactive questions play a powerful role in online research, similar in ways that images are used in other forms of creative communication – to communicate ideas, engage, entertain, and to trigger thoughts, actions, and even memory.

Interactive questions are a visual and engaging alternative to check boxes, with responses given by clicking directly on the image, as indicated below.

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5 Steps to Better Survey Design, Step 1

As a long standing, leading survey software and services solutions provider, the staff at Snap Surveys has years of experience working with, and advising customers on how to get more from their surveys. This blog series provides 5 steps you can use to design and construct better, more effective surveys.

Step 1: Have clear objectives for your survey

survey-design“Whilst it is important to get feedback, companies should not bombard customers with surveys every time they use a service as it could get irritating.”

Be sure to have a clear idea of what data you want from the survey and how the data is going to be used. It’s very tempting when planning and creating a survey to ask every question you can think of – but don’t! Ideally, questionnaires should take no longer than 5 – 10 minutes to complete unless you have a particularly engaging topic or interest group. Continue reading

Snap Survey Software 11.08 is Now Available

Update now to Snap Survey Software release version 11.08

Snap Surveys has released update 11.08 for Snap 11 Survey Software. Some of the latest additions of the release include:

  • Snap Update service – Standalone Snap Survey Software installs automatically update when a new version is available
  • Adaptive Questionnaires – Create surveys that adapt to all devices – from desktop PC to mobile devices
  • Contextualized Analysis Logins – Give your clients and colleagues 24/7 access to real-time and personalized survey results
  • GeoLocation Data Capture – Collect geographic location data for each respondent
  • Updated questionnaire style files & checkbox images

If you are a current software user, click here to update to this latest version.

If you haven’t updated your survey software lately, update to Snap 11 now.

View a full list of software release notes for Snap 11.08, including additions and fixes.

If you are not currently a Snap Survey Software user, learn more about what we have to offer. Snap 11 Survey Software is a complete solution for survey design, administration, data collection and management, analysis, and reporting. Snap Survey Software supports all modes of survey research, including: online surveys, mobile surveys, paper surveys for scanning, kiosk surveys, and phone surveys, in any language with advanced analysis capabilities (tables, charts, and descriptive statistics) and reporting options. The software is a very extensible survey software solution – MS Access or SQL database connectivity and seamless integration with SPSS and MS Office.

Learn more about Snap Survey Software

Tech Support Tip: Saving Settings Files for Toolkits

Technical Support Tip: Save time and energy by saving settings files for Snap Toolkit functions

Snap Toolkit gives Snap Survey Software users access to many advanced functionalities, including: Rating Check, Totalize, Randomization, Compound Grid, and Rim Weighting. Are you aware that you can save the settings files for Snap Toolkit functions so that you can simply browse to the Settings file and reapply the settings?

Save the Settings files for Toolkits

Here is an example using the Randomization function available in the Snap Toolkit.  Continue reading

Tech Support Tip: Limit the Length of Multi-line Responses

Technical Support Tip: *NEW* for Snap 11, Limit the Length of Multi-line Responses

The Interview settings section enables Snap Survey Software users to control aspects of validation, routing, and mandatory questions. And new for Snap 11, users can limit the length of multi-line responses.

limit the length of multi line responses

Here are the aspects of the Interview Settings

No Replies

Stop NR on these questions: Check the box to require the respondent to answer all the selected survey questions in the scrollable list. Questions that have Must Answer set in the variable properties will be selected by default. Note: If you de-select them, the Must Answer property is removed from the question in all editions.  Continue reading

Lower Online Survey Abandonment with 4 Strategies

Lower your online survey abandonment rate with these 4 strategies

The number one reason for survey abandonment is survey length. Streamlined online surveys are more efficient and yield higher response rates. The shorter the online survey, the more likely your survey respondents are to complete it.  Your survey should contain only those questions that are relevant to the research. Using extra questions may have a negative impact on response rates, so only ask respondents questions that are relevant to the objective of your survey.

Other factors contribute to survey abandonment. In order to get a good response rate, you need to attain a balance between effective survey design and data collection, and maintain a positive respondent experience. To prevent survey abandonment, try the following 4 strategies. Continue reading

Double Check Your Online Survey Before Launching

It is extremely important to double check your online survey before launching in order to catch any mistakes

When launching your online survey you need to thoroughly review all aspects of your survey before it goes “live.” Although the bulleted list of steps below may seem like common sense steps, it’s the simple things we miss that can cause issues in the data collection process. With data accuracy on the line, it is important to be as thorough as possible when launching your surveys.

Over and over again, because we are in such a rush to collect data, we continue to hastily administer surveys before double checking for obvious errors in the format, design, and content of our surveys. The best way to break ourselves from this pattern is with the use of a detailed checklist. Continue reading

Snap Survey Software How-to: Transfer Data Between a Survey and a Database

Learn how to transfer data between a Snap survey and a database using Snap Survey Software

You can use Snap Survey Software to link between a Snap survey and an SQL Server database, so you can use your existing database to seed data into your survey, send updated data from your survey back to your database, or use email addresses in the database to invite respondents.

We have developed a worksheet which describes how to import data into your survey from an SQL server database. You can also export data received from the survey back into the database, which is done in a similar manner.

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Summer Camp Returns to Snap Surveys!

Snap Summer Camp is back! This year’s 10 free webinars will take place between June 19th and September 12th, 2013 and is open to all UK customers only. US customers, we will announce a US Snap Summer Camp series soon, so stay tuned!

Here is a sample of 3 topics we’ll cover. 

snap-surveys-summer-campDesigning engaging questionnaires to deliver high response rates
Date: Wednesday, June 19, 2013 14:00 – 14:45
Presenter: Steve Bax, Managing Director, Bax Interaction

Explore the key principles behind effective questionnaire design. Steve, a tutor at Cambridge Marketing College, will discuss the latest thinking on how best to engage potential respondents and improve completion rates.

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Snap Survey Software How-to: Translate Your Surveys

Learn how to translate your survey using Snap Survey Software

There are several ways of translating surveys in Snap Survey Software.

  1. You can write the translation yourself (create a new language edition, and type in the translation)
  2. translation-survey-softwareYou can use an external translator (create a text file to be translated, and import the translated file)
  3. You can use pre-translated questions (create all the language editions that you need, and add a question that already has translations)
  4. Get Snap Survey Software to automatically translate all the questions it recognizes using reference questions (open the reference window and then use the Translation Wizard).

As an added bonus, if you use standard questions, you can add them to a multi-lingual SurveyPak. This allows you to re-use multi-langual questions in other surveys, either by adding them directly to a multi-lingual survey, or using the automatic translation function.

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