Survey Software as Your Go-to Information Collection Tool

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Survey Software – An Effective Information Collection Tool

Survey Software is a powerful, complete solution to design and administer surveys, manage data collection, analyze data, and generate reports.  Many users have the perception that survey software is just for large-scale research projects, when in fact it is a very versatile tool for both large-scale and small-scale projects.

The main goal of any survey research project is to collect data that can be used to analyze the thoughts and opinions of a greater population, and use that data to make informed decisions that may affect the business, or the outcomes of a study or research project. However, whether the survey is large or small, survey software remains simply an information gathering tool.

With survey software, you can economically administer all kinds of surveys and collect valuable data. For example, envision your organization is holding a large, mandatory company-wide meeting. You company has hundreds of people. Because the information at the meeting was imperative to all employees, you need to ensure that all employees comprehend the information and how that information may impact their job. You want to know if employees:

  • Understand the information that was presented to them.
  • Have any questions about the content of the company-wide meeting.
  • Are pleased with the direction the company is headed.
  • Have any thoughts, opinions, ideas, or frustrations they want to express.

Rather than ask employees individually, your organization can administer a follow-up survey. You can easily create an online survey to email to employees immediately following the company-wide meeting and use the data from this survey to answer the above questions.

These types of internal follow-up surveys are not methodical, and the data is not meant to make important business decisions. These types of follow-up surveys are meant to be a useful way to gather information that can answer the questions you have about internal aspects of the business.

There are many ways that organizations can use survey software to gather valuable data, anytime.  >> Learn more about survey software


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