Tips to Selecting the Best Survey Mode: #5 Bias

Blog Series: Tips to Selecting the Best Survey Method: #5 Bias

survey-mode-biasWe continue on to our final blog post in a series where we discuss issues with survey mode that you’ll want to take into consideration as you plan your next survey. Surveys modes can include: online, paper, mobile, and kiosk survey, and telephone or face-to-face interviews. You may even choose to administer a combination of survey modes.  As you plan your survey, you need to take into consideration the advantages and disadvantages of each survey mode. In the previous four blog posts in the series, we have discussed potential issues in population, sampling, questions, and administration. We now move on to our final topic – bias issues. Continue reading

Tips to Selecting the Best Survey Mode: #4 Administration

Blog Series: Tips to Selecting the Best Survey Method: #4 Administration 

Survey-method-administrationThis is the fourth blog post in a series where we discuss issues you’ll want to take into consideration as you plan your next survey. Whether administering an online, paper, mobile, or kiosk survey, or conducting a telephone or face-to-face interview (or a combination of survey modes), you need to take into consideration the advantages and disadvantages of each method. In the previous three blog posts in the series, we have discussed potential issues in population, sampling, and questions. We now move on to administration issues. Continue reading

Snap Surveys UK Donates to Save the Children

The Snap Surveys UK team generously donates funds to Save the Children

Christmas-jumper-day-Snap-SurveysThrough the celebration of Christmas Jumper Day, an annual event in support of Save the Children, our Snap Surveys Bristol, UK office collected £64.91 in aid of Save the Children.  All Snap Surveys staff wore their favorite Christmas jumper and donated £1 each. To raise additional funds, staff made cakes that were sold by the slice and raffled a beautiful handmade gingerbread house create by our talented Snap employee Samantha Quinton.

The donation was presented to Save the Children. Established in 1919 by Eglantyne Jebb and her sister Dorothy Buxton, Save the Children now works in 120 countries. “We save children’s lives. We fight for their rights. We help them fulfill their potential.” Their hard work simply wouldn’t be possible without the support of the community, partnerships, trusts, and ambassadors.

To learn more about Save the Children or to make a donation, visit

Tips to Selecting the Best Survey Mode: #1 Population

Blog Series: Tips to Selecting the Best Survey Method: #1 Population 

survey-populationsWhen selecting the best survey mode for your research, you need to take into consideration the advantages and disadvantages of each survey type – online, paper, mobile, kiosk, or a combination of survey modes. Additionally, there are also face-to-face or telephone interviews. Selecting the type of survey you want to use is one of the most important decisions in the planning process. Over the next few blog posts, we’ll discuss issues you’ll want to take into consideration as you plan your next survey. In the first blog post, we’ll discuss potential population issues. Continue reading

Format Your Online Survey for Mobile Devices

Properly format your  online survey for optimized viewing on mobile devices

mobile-surveysTo effectively administer today’s online surveys, you must develop online surveys that can adapt to all mobile devices and their varying screen sizes. Properly optimizing your survey for mobile devices determines the ease in which your respondents can read, comprehend, and provide accurate answers.

Make online surveys easy and convenient to complete. If the majority of your respondents will access your online surveys using mobile devices, be sure to optimize your surveys for mobile devices. Many respondents are on-the-go and prefer the opportunity to complete a mobile survey at their convenience. Continue reading

4 Reasons to Create an Online Course Evaluation System

What are 4 good reasons to create an online course evaluation system with online surveys software?

Student-course-evaluationsMany institutions of higher education – colleges, universities, community colleges – use online survey software to create a powerful course evaluation system. With Snap Survey Software, your institution can easily administer and collect data directly from students, and generate analysis and reports that can easily display areas of strength or areas that need continued improvement. Snap Survey Software has the ability to generate comprehensive Smart Reports, which can be integrated into your course evaluation system in order to generate reports on an range of criterion and over time. With Contextual Reporting, a new Smart Reporting feature of Snap 11 Survey Software, you can easily generate lists of reports from the same survey which contain data relevant to and configured to individual professors, departments, schools, and more. And, the relevant reports can be run over and over again. It’s an effective and easy way to automate the management of multiple reports, making it especially useful to educational institutions for information gathered through course evaluations. Continue reading

Know When to Respond to Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Knowing when to respond to feedback from customer satisfaction surveys can help you improve overall customer satisfaction

customer-satisfactionThe ability to respond to customer satisfaction surveys in a timely manner is one of the main advantages of online surveys and mobile surveys. When gathering feedback on a customer’s level of satisfaction with your products & services, or your organizational processes, a higher level of immediacy should be taken. Reacting to survey feedback immediately has become the standard in improving customer satisfaction on a respondent-by-respondent basis. Continue reading

Produce Engaging Surveys with Interactive Questions

Produce dynamic and engaging surveys with interactive questions available in Snap 11 Survey Software

Research conducted by Snap Surveys determines that respondents are more engaged with the subject of a survey when questions are presented in a colorful and interactive way. Snap 11 Survey Software includes a range of fun and interactive question types that engage with respondents to help you achieve a higher response rate and get more accurate results.

Interactive questions are a visual and engaging alternative to check boxes, with responses given by clicking directly on the image. Snap 11 Survey Software comes complete with a range of prebuilt interactive images, or you can use the handy editor to create your own.

Interactive-questions-survey-software Continue reading

Create Dynamic Questionnaires That Deliver an Engaging Experience

Create Dynamic Questionnaires with Snap Survey Software

Deliver a unique and personalized questionnaire to each respondent, which delivers an enjoyable and engaging experience for each respondent.  Dynamic, engaging surveys produce a higher response rate, and in return, deliver more accurate data.

Features of Dynamic Questionnaires include:

  • Question Routing (or skip logic)
  • Text substitution (or piping)
  • Database links
  • In-survey calculations
  • Answer code masking
  • Randomization
  • Response validation
  • Quotas

Question Routing

You rarely ask every respondent every question. With question routing, you can ask questions based on replies, or any combination of replies given earlier in the survey. Question Routing can be applied to any question, whether qualitative or quantitative, and is also active while entering data from paper surveys,  so you can always be sure of consistent data. Continue reading

Snap Survey Software How-to: Create a Course Evaluation Survey for Multiple Courses

Learn how to create a common course evaluation survey for multiple courses with Snap Survey Software

We have created a worksheet describing how you can send student respondents to a course evaluation survey, which they complete once for each course they have completed. When a student has completed an course evaluation, that version is marked as completed and no longer available to the student.

All the responses are analyzed together, so you can make direct comparisons between evaluations of different courses, years, etc. This is done by linking a common course evaluation survey (also known as an iterative survey or a combined survey) to a database that lists all the courses that a student has completed. Snap WebHost, our survey management and analysis system, then provides each student with the course evaluation surveys appropriate to them. Continue reading