Know When to Respond to Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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Knowing when to respond to feedback from customer satisfaction surveys can help you improve overall customer satisfaction

customer-satisfactionThe ability to respond to customer satisfaction surveys in a timely manner is one of the main advantages of online surveys and mobile surveys. When gathering feedback on a customer’s level of satisfaction with your products & services, or your organizational processes, a higher level of immediacy should be taken. Reacting to survey feedback immediately has become the standard in improving customer satisfaction on a respondent-by-respondent basis.

This is where triggered email alerts come in handy. Triggered email alerts are useful when you want to receive notifications each time a specific action takes place in a satisfaction survey. You can send triggered email alerts to specified email addresses when a respondent chooses a particular answer to a question or a set of questions. The person in your organization receiving the triggered email alert is able to immediately react, such as through a follow-up phone call, email, or letter.

You can use triggered email alerts in your online or mobile surveys to:

  • Notify a specific person or persons, such as groups or departments, depending on certain question response or total survey results
  • Send a specific email depending on various conditions, for example, the age or gender of the respondent
  • Include a customized email alert message with data from the survey, for example:
    • Response to a particular question or set of questions
    • Contact details
    • Demographics
    • A totalized score
  • Or, as simple as being notified when a survey has been completed

With Snap Survey Software, you have the opportunity to send triggered email alerts to single or multiple people or assigned groups, including a customized message within the email alert. You can also set-up multiple alerts to be sent to different people or groups. For example, if you  may want to notify your customer service manager when a respondent provides negative feedback, while at the same time, notify the  entire sales team when a respondent is likely to purchase a product. These actions can easily be set-up within Snap Survey Software.

Always respond quickly to resolve any customer issues. Recognizing and responding to your customers’ comments, opinions, and needs has both immediate and long-term impacts on your organization and brand. Showing customers the courtesy of an instant and sincere reply is a step toward resolving issues immediately, and promptly mitigating any negative impact on your organization.

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