4 Reasons to Create an Online Course Evaluation System

What are 4 good reasons to create an online course evaluation system with online surveys software?

Many institutions of higher education – colleges, universities, community colleges – use online survey software to create a powerful course evaluation system. With Snap Survey Software, your institution can easily administer and collect data directly from students, and generate analysis and reports that can easily display areas of strength or areas that need continued improvement. Snap Survey Software has the ability to generate comprehensive Smart Reports, which can be integrated into your course evaluation system in order to generate reports on an range of criterion and over time. With Contextual Reporting, a new Smart Reporting feature of Snap Survey Software, you can easily generate lists of reports from the same survey which contain data relevant to and configured to individual professors, departments, schools, and more. And, the relevant reports can be run over and over again. It’s an effective and easy way to automate the management of multiple reports, making it especially useful to educational institutions for information gathered through course evaluations.

There are many good reasons why your institution should consider online survey software for your course evaluation system. Some of the reasons to consider include:

  1. Flexible design – Create surveys with a variety of question styles, from single- and multi-response, rating-scale, ranking, and open-ended question styles to interactive question styles like image selection and slider style questions. Easily add course-specific questions directly into the course evaluation. Add questions that relate to a specific course, instructor, or administrator. Make use of available question libraries (a bank for previously developed questions) in Snap Survey Software to customize your course evaluation. Or, create your own question libraries. You can focus on the areas your administrators wish to measure, and use those questions over and over again.
  2. Administration flexibility – Managing online course evaluations affords many conveniences that paper-based course evaluations don’t offer. Students can complete their course evaluations at their convenience – whenever, from wherever, 24/7 – on a device of their choice – desktop, laptop, tablet, or Smartphone. Additionally, consider those that are visually impaired. Web accessibility standards have been created for Snap Survey Software as part of the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World-Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to ensure that web content is accessible to everyone, regardless of disability. In the U.S., many of these requirements are enshrined in section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.
  3. Track student responses – Given the large volume of students in any higher education institution, as well as the number of courses offered, it becomes a challenge to keep track of which students have completed course evaluations.  A complete course evaluation system can manage which evaluations should go to specific students, and track which course evaluations students have or have not completed.
  4. Track progress over timeCourse evaluations serve a purpose of not only improving course quality, but also evaluating the performance of professors and administrators on any number of factors over time.  Snap Survey Software has the ability to generate comprehensive Smart Reports, which can be integrated into your course evaluation system in order to generate reports on your choice of criterion and over time.

Snap Survey Software offers a range of features that help those in higher education get the information they need from course evaluations to make better informed decisions.

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