Snap Survey Software How-to: Use Panel Samples for Your Online Survey

Learn how to use Snap Panel Samples for your online surveys using Snap Survey Software

Snap Panel Samples draw on the resources of Cint, a global company, providing panels of respondents. You can buy access to a panel of respondents supplied by Cint for any online survey built for Snap WebHost, Snap Survey’s powerful online survey management and analysis system.

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Guide Your Career Through Self Assessment Surveys

Use online survey software to create career self assessment surveys

A career self assessment survey is a very useful tool for determining the direction in which you want to take your career. Career surveys help people to identify unique interests, skills, and values as they relate to employment options. Students in high school and college frequently make use of career assessment resources such as an available online career survey to help them assess their current studies and help them decide on the direction they want to take their career. An online survey software solution is an effective solution for developing career assessment surveys. Continue reading

Create Product Development Surveys with Survey Software

Survey Software can play an important role in the product development process

When developing new products, businesses want to make certain that their products will be successful. In the initial stages of the new product development process, it is important to implement surveys using an advanced survey software solution. Surveys are a cost effective means for collecting feedback from your target markets. Surveys are designed to collect important feedback that can have a big impact on new product development plans. Receiving feedback directly from potential end users gives product development teams the confidence to roll out new products to market.

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Measure Brand Awareness with Brand Recognition Surveys

How do you measure the effectiveness of your brand awareness to ensure consumers recognize your brand?

Maintaining brand awareness is an important aspect in marketing your business. It is very helpful to analyze the perceptions your target audience has towards your product packaging, marketing & advertising, products, services, and messages sent  through various channels. Inviting consumers to provide feedback and maintaining a constant presence in your target markets is essential to the brand.

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Increase Employee Morale with Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Increase employee morale, productivity, and profitability with employee satisfaction surveys

Ask any good employer, and they will agree that the best asset of their company are their employees. Good employees are indispensable. They can set a company apart from competition, providing a competitive advantage.

In order to gain that competitive advantage, companies must acquire and retain talented, hard-working, dedicated employees who are experts in their field.  In order to retain those employees, companies need to satisfy employee needs at every level of the business. Maintaining a high level of employee satisfaction and morale is essential to the success of any organziation. Increased employee satisfaction and overall morale produces increased employee productivity, which produces increased profitability.

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What Makes a Successful Business? Listening.

Improve Your Business’ Bottom Line with Survey Software

What makes a successful business? A successful business is one that listens and acts upon the needs of its stakeholders – customers, clients, employees, investors, associates, partners, suppliers, vendors, and even the local community. Many of your stakeholders are the ones purchasing from your business. Listening and acting on the needs of your stakeholders will affect your bottom line. Businesses that take the time to listen to, identify with, and respond to stakeholders’ needs position themselves for success.

Measure Customer Satisfaction from Current and Past Customers

Measuring customer satisfaction not only from current customers, but also from past customers

Administering customer satisfaction surveys is one of the best ways to uncover data about how customers feel about your products, services, customer service, business and marketing programs, events, and  your company’s overall ability to remain successful. Customer satisfaction surveys produce data that can help your company solve any current customer issues and help prevent potential customer problems.  Collected data can also help gauge your company’s current success with business and marketing strategies, so that you can be assured that your company is staying on target. Customer satisfaction surveys provide your business with an immense amount of valuable data.

What is the Value of Customer Retention?

Understand the value of customer retention

Many companies realize that customer retention is extremely important. They recognize that losing valued, loyal customers is bad for the company’s long term revenue potential and overall success. Even though this is understood on a basic level, few companies – especially those companies providing a service – seem to misunderstand what losing a single customer can mean to their business.


Example:  Sandra took her car to an auto maintenance facility for trouble with her oil gauge. Sandra knows very little about cars, so she decided it would be wise to have her car towed to the closest auto maintenance facility to be serviced. The mechanic on duty treated Sandra with absolute condescension.  He acted as if Sandra should know much more about cars and how to check her own oil. Upon completion of service, the mechanic charged Sandra for 2 hours of service even though Sandra had only waited an hour for her oil to be checked and changed.  It was obviously a bad experience for Sandra, and she had no intention of returning to that auto maintenance facility for future services, nor would she recommend their services to friends and family.

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Snap Survey Software How-to: Scan a Paper Survey in Booklet Form

Learn how-to scan paper surveys in booklet form using Snap Survey Software

Snap Survey Software is a powerful tool to develop all modes of survey research, including: online surveys, paper surveys, scannable surveys, mobile surveys, and kiosk surveys. Even in today’s high tech world, paper surveys are still very much widely used. For example, in many research studies for healthcare or education, paper surveys are printed to booklet form. Once completed by respondents, the booklets are scanned and the survey data is collected in the software, ready for analysis and reporting.

With Snap Survey Software, you can easily print paper surveys as booklets. Within the design capabilities of the survey software, there is a Print as booklet setting which lays out the survey as a booklet.

We have made a worksheet available to help you through the steps of creating your own paper survey in booklet form. This worksheet assumes that you have worked your way through the paper survey scanning tutorial available in the software’s online help and via the web. View the scanning tutorial.

Summary of steps in the Scanning a Booklet worksheet:

Step 1: Set up the survey as a booklet

Step 2: Scan in the survey

Scanning a booklet when you have not set up the survey as a booklet

View the worksheet: Scan a Paper Survey in Booklet Form

Keep Your Employee Surveys Anonymous

Ensure Anonymity in Your Employee Surveys

Employee surveys can provide invaluable information to any organization and be an effective performance management tool. Uncovering your employees’ opinions and views will allow your organization to take action that will improve employee retention, increase productivity, and provide a benchmark to measure improvement.

The success of your organization depends on the quality of your employees. Many organizations have either prospered or declined solely based on the quality of their workforce. Employees that are pleased with their employment are typically more productive, and therefore work harder and generate a profit for your organization.  Discontent employees, however, have the opposite effect, which can hurt your organization’s overall profit.

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