Snap Survey Software How-to: Format a Grid Question for an Online Survey

Learn how to format a grid question for an online survey using Snap Survey Software 

grid_multi_comment_survey_questionSnap Survey Software offers many tools to assist users with formatting of and layout of survey questions, and making adjustments to elements of question positioning.

When you are creating an online survey for the Web, you do not have the same control over how it looks as you do with a paper survey. Different monitors and different browsers can make surveys look quite different, so it is worth testing your survey before you place it live on the Web. You also have to consider how the online survey will appear in different window sizes, rather than assuming that all the respondents will look at a full-screen window.

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Give Survey Respondents the Option of Choosing an ‘Other’ Response

Give survey respondents the options to choose ‘Other’ or ‘Other, please specify’ as a survey question response option

Some survey questions have straightforward answer options such as some yes/no questions, but there are many single response and multiple choice questions with list options that may or may not meet all respondents’ needs. No matter what type of survey you are conducting, be it a course evaluation, health assessment, customer satisfaction survey, or any type of research survey, there will always be a need for questions that include an ‘Other’ or ‘Other, please specify’ response option. When developing your survey, do your best to create answer options that are as complete as possible, but always include the option for the respondent to select ‘Other’ or ‘Other, please specify’ so they can provide their own response option.

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Don’t Disappoint Your Online Survey Respondents

Screen your online survey respondents, but don’t disappoint

When conducting market research, not all of your online survey respondents will qualify to complete your survey. When developing your market research surveys, it is good practice to use screening questions to ensure respondents are relevant to your research. Not all survey respondents will qualify. Even the most advanced panel samples will contain some potential participants that do not meet your screening criteria. For example, if the topic of your research survey requires that respondents be female and employed full-time, most respondents will hopefully meet this requirement, but some unfortunately will not. Therefore, they will need to be screened out.

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Snap Survey Software How-to: Live Update Online Survey Respondents

Learn how-to live update online survey respondents on Snap WebHost

Have you come across the need to update the respondents in your live online survey hosted on our online survey management system, Snap WebHost. There could be several reasons why you need to update your respondents, including:

  • You realize that you have seeded the wrong data for respondents that you had already uploaded (for example, their addresses are wrong)
  • You need to add more respondents for a current, live online survey
  • You want to run the online survey again with a completely new set of respondents

Updating your respondents is easy, while the survey is still in progress. Don’t worry. This process does not delete information about respondents who have already completed the survey.

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Build Customer Experience through Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation will allow you to target specific groups of customers effectively

When it comes to interacting with customer service, your customers will choose the channels with which they are most comfortable and provides them with the best customer experience. Some customers choose to purchase products at a store, and when it comes time to engage with customer service, they may choose to inquire in-person, make a phone call, or even <gasp!> write a letter. Yes, people still write letters. Others may choose to purchase products online, keeping the interaction with customer service all digital and inquire with question via email, live chat, Twitter, or Facebook. There are even those customers that choose to purchase a product online, but prefer the interaction of a phone call with a live customer service representative, or there are those customers that purchase in a store, but prefer to interact with customer service online. Your customers’ customer service needs are diverse, so you need to accommodate.

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What are the Benefits of Post Event Surveys?

Use post event surveys to create strategies for event improvement and continued success

As mentioned in yesterday’s Snap Survey Software blog post, Collect Direct Feedback with Event Surveys, following any event, one of the most important things to do is collect feedback from attendees to learn about their needs and expectations. Event managers can use this information to create strategies for event improvements and continued success.

Following events, it is recommended that event managers send post event surveys via email asking attendees to complete an online event feedback survey, or send a link to a survey on a postcard or other promotional mailer.  Creating online event surveys with survey software gives you the ability to manage respondents and responses online with an intuitive survey management system. With an advanced online survey management system, you can easily upload contact information of event attendees, invite respondents to complete your online event survey with email invitations, keep track of who has responded, save partially completed surveys, send email reminders to those that have not responded, and view results in real-time.  Continue reading

Online Survey Software for Market Research

Use Online Survey Software as a Tool for Market Research

Conducting surveys is one of the most common and effective market research methods. Surveys help researchers understand their current markets better and to develop strategies to remain viable in their markets, as well as find the best ways to enter new or emerging markets. However, administering market research doesn’t have to be an intricate and time-consuming process.

With online survey software, business can easily design and administer market research studies in a manner that is efficient and precise, yet with easy-to-use features. With advanced online survey software, businesses can also collect data and conduct advanced analysis, all in one simple system. There is no need to export data. Advanced online survey software can easily handle everything from design to analysis and reporting. Continue reading

Are You Using Survey Software to Develop Employee Surveys?

Using survey software is the best way to develop employee surveys

Employee surveys are a great way to solicit employee feedback from employees on a wide range of workplace issues. Using survey software to design and administer, employee surveys can include a number of areas across the business and can be broken down into individual types of employee surveys.

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8 Tips for Administering Employee Surveys

Learn About the Types of Employee Surveys and Tips for Administration

When designed and administered correctly, employee surveys can be used by any business or organization to solicit invaluable, constructive feedback, and can function as an effective employee performance management tool. Organizations can use employee feedback – such as comments, opinions, behaviors, and suggestions – to create important strategies to help improve employee retention, increase productivity, create a cohesive work environment, as well as provide a benchmark to measure continued improvement.

Types of Employee Surveys

Employee Satisfaction Surveys data is used to increase productivity, job satisfaction, and loyalty. Employee satisfaction surveys identify the root causes of employee satisfaction and target those areas.

Employee Attitude Surveys identify the root causes of workplace attitudes, providing a way to improve employee productivity and commitment to work. Continue reading

10 Tips for Administering Online Surveys

10 Great Tips for Administering Online Surveys

  1. Create a good first impression on the survey email invitation or introduction on the survey’s website. Avoid bulk-emailing programs if possible, unless they use identified email addresses.
  2. Give the survey a short, clear title. A comprehensible survey title will provide more impact to a respondent and give your online survey credibility.
  3. Be clear in your survey instructions on how to properly complete the online survey. Use short, direct sentences with simple vocabulary.
  4. Place non-threatening and interesting survey questions first. It will encourage respondents to continue on and complete the entire online survey. Continue reading