Blog Series: 9 Tips for Writing Quality Survey Questions

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During this difficult economic time, many companies are looking at areas of the business in which they can save money. Unfortunately, some companies choose to forgo valuable survey research. In doing so, they are missing out on gaining a competitive advantage over their competition by learning more about their changing marketplace.

Companies that choose to remain active in survey research, despite economic difficulties, must obtain a high quantity of quality survey data in order to sustain their continued investment. As discussed in previous Snap Survey Software blog posts, in order to obtain a high quantity of quality survey data, a business must take the time to develop a survey plan that contains clear research objectives that guide a survey research team through the creation of the survey, including giving a good amount of attention to each survey question.

Often times survey researchers make the mistake of opening their survey software program and quickly developing survey questions, giving very little thought to the quality of the questions, in order to get the survey designed and administered as soon as possible. Taking the time to create quality survey questions and pretesting (if time and budget allows) can mean the difference between high and low response rates. The higher the response rates, the greater the amount of survey data.

Over the course of the next two weeks, we will be running a blog series titled 9 Tips for Writing Quality Survey Questions. Throughout this series, we will cover tips about survey question design, question wording, question types, question options, and many other great areas to consider when writing quality survey questions.

Stay tuned for the first of nine informative tips in the series in tomorrow’s blog post.

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