New Interactive Tutorial: Ignore Mandatory Questions for Survey Preview

Ignore Mandatory Questions for Online Survey Preview

questionnaire-properties-tutorialMandatory questions are a useful feature of online surveys, but did you know they can be disabled to make testing your online survey easier? You’ll find the option in the Interview section of Questionnaire Properties. Just uncheck it for preview, and turn back on for your live survey. Thanks to Ed in our UK research team for this great tip!

You can find out more about Questionnaire Properties settings, including how to customize navigation buttons, view stats about individual survey completions, and send automated email alerts in the Questionnaire Properties interactive tutorial.

View the Questionnaire Properties interactive tutorial →

Increase the Reliability of Survey Answers: Question Wording

Wording is an important aspect of the survey design process in order to increase the reliability of survey answers

In order to provide a consistent data collection experience for all survey respondents, a good question has to have the following two properties:

  1. The question means the same thing to every respondent.
  2. The kinds of answers that constitute an appropriate response to the question are communicated consistently to all respondents.

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New Worksheet: Show Survey Questions Using Clickable Images

Access our helpful new worksheet to learn how you can show survey questions using clickable images

clickable image question2Engage respondents and increase response rates by using clickable images instead of the usual check boxes.

You can make your questions more appealing by using interactive designs. Snap Survey Software allows you to present coded questions as clickable images. Continue reading

Free Interactive Tutorial: Questionnaire Properties – Essential Options for Every Survey

Access our free interactive tutorial that will walk you through the use of Questionnaire Properties in Snap Survey Software

Questionnaire propertiesUse this interactive tutorial to learn at your own pace, in your own time. Our latest interactive tutorial will guide you through the use of Questionnaire Properties and the settings that define the key characteristics of your survey.

Get a complete overview of the settings that define the behavior and appearance of your questionnaire, including; selecting and customizing navigation buttons, recording information about individual survey completions, and sending automated alerts when a specific answer is given. Continue reading

Survey Design Tips from

Explore some useful survey design tips from the expert at

online-surveys-devices-overlappedAs market researchers or those that are new to the field, we are always looking for much needed tips for better survey design with the ultimate goal of increasing respondent engagement and survey response rates.

Zontziry Johnson of, an expert in the field of survey design and market research, uses her blog as a way to discuss the evolution taking place in the market research industry with new technologies, evolving methodologies, and a growing field of DIY researchers. Zontziry recently discussed the fact that writing surveys is a difficult thing to do and has developed a series of blog posts with tips for writing better surveys (below). Take a look at her informative posts. Continue reading

Free Interactive Tutorial: Save a Custom Survey Template and Question Library

Access our free interactive tutorial that will walk you through the steps to save a customer survey template and question library

Adaptive-survey-templateUse this interactive tutorial to learn at your own pace, in your own time. Our latest interactive tutorial will guide you through the use of SuveyPaks to create a template from which you can quickly create new surveys, preconfigured with specific design elements and content. For example, frequently asked questions and organizational branding.

This tutorial will show you how to:

  • Create a new SurveyPak Library
  • Add a survey to use as a template
  • Add frequently asked questions
  • Create a new survey from your template

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Embrace Survey Design Features, But Use Them Sparingly

When designing surveys, embrace the many new design features available in survey software, but be sure to use them sparingly

Survey design software, including Snap Survey Software, is becoming ever more sophisticated and easy to use, incorporating features such as sliders, 5 star rating scales, and drag and drop functionality. This is a real positive, making it easier to create surveys that better engage respondents.

However, survey designers need to beware of abusing the features now available to them. It is important not to over-design surveys so that respondents are overwhelmed with different question types. Just because a new feature is available doesn’t mean you should use it. Some years ago when PowerPoint introduced the ability to animate presentations, many used this new feature to make their bullet points fly into slides from different angles. Fortunately, most of us have learnt and these effects are rarely seen these days. They detract rather than add to the viewers’ experience. Continue reading

Poorly Designed Ranking Questions Can Cause Poor Results

A poorly designed and overloaded ranking question can yield poor results. Consider some revisions.

survey-ranking-questionWe’ve all completed our fair share of surveys. Many contain clear and direct questions that get straight to the point and allow you to flow through the survey easily. However, there is the occasional survey that tends to drag on with elaborately designed questions.

Snap Surveys guest blogger, Gary Austin of Austin Research discusses his reasons and opinions as to why it is not a good idea to include a long list of attributes in a ranking question in his recent blog post, Rank bad questions: How not to ask ranking  questions (below). Continue reading

Snap Survey Software How-to: Create a Question Bank

Learn how to create a bank of survey questions called a SurveyPak using Snap Survey Software

Make designing surveys even easier! You can create a bank of questions in Snap Survey Software which can be saved and used in more than one survey. Question banks are known as SurveyPaks. Snap Survey Software comes with a single SurveyPak which includes many frequently used questions and their translations. You can use these questions in any survey you choose. You can add the questions individually to a survey, add a whole section, or create a survey that contains all the questions in a section. You can also create your own SurveyPaks containing questions specific to your organization, which you can then re-use in your other surveys. Continue reading

Snap Survey Software How-to: Use the Totalize Function to Add Responses

Learn how to use the Totalize function to add up responses as they arrive using Snap Survey Software.

When using Snap Survey Software to create surveys,  often times there is a set of questions where you may wish to calculate the total of answers. For example, you may ask survey respondents:

  • how many hours a week they spend doing certain things
  • how much money they spent on different activities during a visit
  • to share a fixed amount or percentage between a set of options

The amount allocated to each option gives the relative importance of each option. This gives good numeric data for data analysis, but it is quite difficult for respondents to comprehend if they cannot see their answers being totalized.

We have developed a worksheet describing the easy steps you can use to implement the Totalize function in your next survey using the Snap Toolkit. The Totalize function calculates a running total as the respondent completes their answers. You can also create a valid range using the Totalize function, so that respondents cannot move to the next page if the total is over or under a certain specified valid range limit (for example, setting a valid range of 0 to 100). If you have set a limit on the total, the answers are checked against the valid range when the respondent attempts to answer the following question. If the answer is outside the range, a message is displayed. You can customize the default message text.

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