New Worksheet: Show Survey Questions Using Clickable Images

Access our helpful new worksheet to learn how you can show survey questions using clickable images

clickable image question2Engage respondents and increase response rates by using clickable images instead of the usual check boxes.

You can make your questions more appealing by using interactive designs. Snap Survey Software allows you to present coded questions as clickable images.

Our new worksheet shows you the steps to transform a Gender question by using a Map Control. It also shows how to make it a question that respondents must answer, and resize or remove a Map Control for small screens.

The steps in the worksheet include:

  1. Adding a gender question to your survey
  2. Defining the Map Control
  3. Making the Map Control a ‘must answer’ question
  4. Saving your Map Control to use in future surveys
  5. Change the Map Control for different screen sizes

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Find out more about clickable images and question styles in the new Snap Support Hub.

One thought on “New Worksheet: Show Survey Questions Using Clickable Images

  1. Amazing Post Susan! This new worksheet will surely bring a revolutionary change in the way online surveys have been conducted till now. Thanks for sharing.