Snap Survey Software How-to: Create a Question Bank

Learn how to create a bank of survey questions called a SurveyPak using Snap Survey Software

Make designing surveys even easier! You can create a bank of questions in Snap Survey Software which can be saved and used in more than one survey. Question banks are known as SurveyPaks. Snap Survey Software comes with a single SurveyPak which includes many frequently used questions and their translations. You can use these questions in any survey you choose. You can add the questions individually to a survey, add a whole section, or create a survey that contains all the questions in a section. You can also create your own SurveyPaks containing questions specific to your organization, which you can then re-use in your other surveys.

We have developed a worksheet, Create a question bank in a SurveyPak, describing you how can use a question from Snap’s reference SurveyPak and how to create a new SurveyPak to store your own questions.

This worksheet describes how to:

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