Introduction to the Reference window

The Reference window displays the variables within a survey or SurveyPak in a format that allows them to be copied to other surveys. Each variable is tagged with an icon identifying its type.

The Reference window consists of:

  • a toolbar
  • a pathname of the selected SurveyPak or survey
  • a list of available variables (notes and questions), surveys and survey templates
  • SurveyPak variables are displayed in Topics and the display may be limited by filters
  • a preview of the highlighted variable
Reference window showing labels

You can open the Reference window by:

  • clicking the ReferenceIcon.png button on the main program toolbar
  • selecting File|Reference
  • pressing Alt+F12

The icons in the window have the following meanings:

ReferenceIcon.png SurveyPak and collected surveys
SectionIcon.PNG Topic group
RW: empty topic icon Empty topic group
QuestionnaireRefIcon.PNG Questionnaire
RW: section icon Question group
RW: empty section icon Empty question group
Embedded survey icon Embedded survey
Template survey Survey template
OpenEndedIcon.png Open variable (quantity, literal, date, time)
MultiChoiceIcon.png Multiple or single-response variable
DerivedIcon.PNG Derived variable
CodeFrameIcon.png Code frame
NoteIcon.png Note variable

Reference window buttons and menu options

The table below shows all of the menu options relevant to the Reference window.


Menu Option


On main toolbar

ReferenceIcon.png File | Reference Open the Reference window.

On Reference window toolbar

Notes button


Show/hide details of the selected object.


Toggle SurveyPak edit mode (not available for read-only surveys)


Copy selected object to the Clipboard.


Tailor display to choose the language for topic names and the size of the preview window

Edit | Filter

Browse through questions for key word(s) Can use OR, AND, NEAR to combine keywords, or * to substitute for characters.


Select display language for questions from available list.
In Edit mode (available only for SurveyPaks)


Create new topic (must be on SurveyPak or topic folder) or import survey (must be on Surveys folder)


Delete selected item


Paste previously copied object



Move selected item to topic or repeat selected item in topic



Move selected item up



Move selected item down



Apply password to SurveyPak



Select existing language or add a new language