Keep Your Employee Surveys Anonymous

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Ensure Anonymity in Your Employee Surveys

Employee surveys can provide invaluable information to any organization and be an effective performance management tool. Uncovering your employees’ opinions and views will allow your organization to take action that will improve employee retention, increase productivity, and provide a benchmark to measure improvement.

The success of your organization depends on the quality of your employees. Many organizations have either prospered or declined solely based on the quality of their workforce. Employees that are pleased with their employment are typically more productive, and therefore work harder and generate a profit for your organization.  Discontent employees, however, have the opposite effect, which can hurt your organization’s overall profit.

To ensure your employees remain pleased with their job, it is important that your organization to regularly survey employees to gather feedback such as comments, opinions, and general concerns. The most direct way to do so is by creating regular employee surveys through survey software or through a third party expert in the field of employee satisfaction and retention.  In either case, it is important to survey your employees in complete anonymity.

Allowing your employees to anonymously answer survey questions is the only way that they can candidly comment without having to worry about retaliation from their managers or supervisors. For example, a department manager may implement a new process which employees covertly dislike.  However, if the manager asks the opinions of the employees directly, the employees are likely to react by either lying or stretching the truth on their view of the process. Both of these have no benefit to the organization. Therefore, the organization can expect its employees’ dissatisfaction to increase and productivity to decrease.

Giving employees the opportunity to complete an employee survey anonymously will allow those who are less confident to provide their own opinions and suggestions. Anonymity will provide employees with the chance to share what they believe, and share what they feel needs to be done and in what manner.

Snap Survey Software is an advanced survey software tool for developing effective employee surveys. Snap Surveys also has internal research experts who can design and conduct your anonymous employee surveys. By using such methods, you will be able to administer a cost effective survey that will guarantee your employees of their anonymity, while providing you with honest and straightforward feedback. So, if you want to outsource your employee survey to ensure the anonymity of your employees’ responses, contact our experienced Projects team for more information.

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