Measure Brand Awareness with Brand Recognition Surveys

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How do you measure the effectiveness of your brand awareness to ensure consumers recognize your brand?

Maintaining brand awareness is an important aspect in marketing your business. It is very helpful to analyze the perceptions your target audience has towards your product packaging, marketing & advertising, products, services, and messages sent  through various channels. Inviting consumers to provide feedback and maintaining a constant presence in your target markets is essential to the brand.

Using online survey software, you can create effective brand recognition surveys specifically designed to collect feedback to determine whether your target customers recognize your brand and are able to associate your brand with the right products or services. Brand recognition surveys can also delve deeper than just brand recognition. They can also be used as a tool to uncover more intangible information such as consumer perceptions about your products or services.

With most business related online surveys, such as customer surveys or employee surveys, it is suggested that you properly brand your survey. With a brand recognition survey, however, refrain from including your company name, product or service names, logos, designs, etc. Identifying your brand in your online survey can skew survey results.

What are some examples of questions you could include in your brand recognition survey?

  • What is the first brand that comes to mind in ABC industry?
  • What brand is the most recognizable in ABC industry?
  • What characteristics of this brand makes it recognizable?
  • How often have you seen this brand in the past month?
  • What makes this brand more recognizable than competing brands?

Get creative! Advanced online survey software, such as Snap Survey Software, has the ability to include images and videos in questions. This capability can come in handy for brand recognition surveys. For example, you can use images of logos in open-ended questions and ask respondents to “name that brand.” Or, include a short video which shows branding in the background, on t-shirts, on moving cars, etc. Once the video is complete, ask the respondents what brands they can recall seeing in the video.

The results of these and other questions in your brand recognition survey can be used to benefit from brand strengths, learn more about any weaknesses, and gather information about competitive brands. Information gathered can also be used to launch new products or services, while at the same time strengthening your brand.

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