Free Interactive Tutorial: Questionnaire Properties – Essential Options for Every Survey

Access our free interactive tutorial that will walk you through the use of Questionnaire Properties in Snap Survey Software

Questionnaire propertiesUse this interactive tutorial to learn at your own pace, in your own time. Our latest interactive tutorial will guide you through the use of Questionnaire Properties and the settings that define the key characteristics of your survey.

Get a complete overview of the settings that define the behavior and appearance of your questionnaire, including; selecting and customizing navigation buttons, recording information about individual survey completions, and sending automated alerts when a specific answer is given. Continue reading

Helpful Worksheet: Show Rating Scale Responses as a Percent Positive Bar Chart

Access our helpful worksheet to learn how you can show rating scale responses as a percent positive bar chart (including an average overall rating)

Percent postive bar chartMost surveys include a question grid, but how do you analyze the responses? A percent positive bar chart is the perfect way to summarize responses and quickly identify where you’re doing well, and where there is room for improvement.

There are several ways to display the data from ratings questions. We have created a new helpful worksheet that explains how you can analyze responses by showing rating scale responses as a percent positive bar chart in Snap Survey Software. Continue reading

Survey Design Tips from

Explore some useful survey design tips from the expert at

online-surveys-devices-overlappedAs market researchers or those that are new to the field, we are always looking for much needed tips for better survey design with the ultimate goal of increasing respondent engagement and survey response rates.

Zontziry Johnson of, an expert in the field of survey design and market research, uses her blog as a way to discuss the evolution taking place in the market research industry with new technologies, evolving methodologies, and a growing field of DIY researchers. Zontziry recently discussed the fact that writing surveys is a difficult thing to do and has developed a series of blog posts with tips for writing better surveys (below). Take a look at her informative posts. Continue reading

Survey Software Resources – A Complete Customer Support Hub

Visit the new Snap Support Hub and learn about Snap Survey Software through a vast collection of resources & information

Support Hub DescripTake a peek at the all new Snap Support Hub. All of the valuable resources have been organized by subject to make it easier for Snap Survey Software users to find the information they need, when they need it.

View many helpful resources, including: interactive tutorials, video guides, worksheets, blog articles, webinar recordings, online user help guide, installation instructions, and access to the user forum – all in one central location. Continue reading

Reach New Prospects as a Snap Surveys Research Partner

As a Market Researcher or Research Consultant using Snap Survey Software, we invite you to join the Snap Surveys Research Partners program.

What does this mean?

Your organization will be listed on the Snap Surveys website under the Snap Surveys Research Partner Directory, along with a detailed description of the services you offer. Our website attracts over 7,000 unique visits every day from people interested in surveys and market research – each one a potential customer for your business.  Continue reading

Introduction to Survey Reports in the New Snap Support Hub

Learn more about developing advanced survey reports with the help of the new Snap Support Hub

Smart-Report-Snap-SurveysSnap Surveys’ automated Summary and Questionnaire reports give you detailed insights just when you need them. Learn how to view and modify the standard reports, and also how to begin building your own advanced reports.

In the all new Snap Support Hub, you’ll have access to helpful materials:

  1. Webinars
  2. Worksheets
  3. Snap help
  4. Training and consultancy

Learn more about developing advanced reports using Snap Survey Software.

Visit the Snap Support Hub

Introduction of Survey Design and Branding

Master survey design and branding with the help of the new Snap Support Hub

The look and feel of your survey really makes a big difference and can have an impact onbrand-consistency respondent engagement and response rates. Snap Surveys’ survey design tools give you complete flexibility to customize your surveys, and create effective and professional questionnaires that perfectly complement your organization’s brand.

Let’s get started! In the all new Snap Support Hub, you’ll have access to:

  1. Interactive tutorials
  2. Webinars
  3. Video tutorials
  4. Worksheets
  5. Snap help
  6. Articles
  7. Training and consultancy

Learn more about Survey Design and Branding.

Visit the Snap Support Hub

Engage with Respondents by Making the Survey Relevant

Increase engagement and response rates by making your survey more relevant to your respondents

Gary Austin quote _respondentsAll too often survey researchers forget to answer the all important question – who is my target audience? The continue to develop questions based on what they assume is important to their audience. Inevitably, this leads to poor response rates.

Snap Surveys guest blogger, Gary Austin of Austin Research discusses why it is worth spending time making sure your survey is “rooted in the realities of respondents lives” in his recent blog post, Root Survey Research in Respondent Reality (below). Continue reading

Webinar: Transform and Recategorize Survey Data with Derived Variables

View a helpful free webinar on how to transform and recategorize survey data with derived variables  in Snap Survey Software

In this very informative webinar, knowledgeable Snap Survey Software trainers, Marc Ellison and Jay Arbelo, take a detailed look at derived variables – the key to transforming your survey data into meaningful analysis. You will learn how to use derived variables to recategorize and transform survey data into new variable types, for example: combine categories within a multiple-choice variable, and convert numeric, date & time, and literal data into categories.

This webinar covers:

  • Analyzing open questions & recording questions using a derived variable
  • Performing calculations using a derived variable
  • Q&A session

View Webinar

Find our more about derived variables in the all new Snap Support Hub

Helpful Worksheet: Customize All Your Survey Check Boxes in Style Mode

Access our helpful worksheet to learn how you can customize all your survey check boxes in Style mode

custom-check boxesWe have created a new helpful worksheet that explains how to create customized response boxes to match your company branding, and save your question style to reuse with other surveys.

Snap Survey Software has two modes for creating questionnaires: Design and Style. Design mode is where you add questions. Style mode is where you define the look of the question types used in the questionnaire.

This worksheet shows you how to use Style mode to:

  • Use images as response boxes for your multiple-choice questions
  • Save your new style to use with other surveys

View Worksheet