Snap Survey Software How-to: Translate Your Surveys

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Learn how to translate your survey using Snap Survey Software

There are several ways of translating surveys in Snap Survey Software.

  1. You can write the translation yourself (create a new language edition, and type in the translation)
  2. translation-survey-softwareYou can use an external translator (create a text file to be translated, and import the translated file)
  3. You can use pre-translated questions (create all the language editions that you need, and add a question that already has translations)
  4. Get Snap Survey Software to automatically translate all the questions it recognizes using reference questions (open the reference window and then use the Translation Wizard).

As an added bonus, if you use standard questions, you can add them to a multi-lingual SurveyPak. This allows you to re-use multi-langual questions in other surveys, either by adding them directly to a multi-lingual survey, or using the automatic translation function.

We have developed a worksheet that details how you can export a file, which you can send to an external translator and re-import the translated text to create a bilingual survey. The example uses a translation from English to Spanish.

Summery of steps in the worksheet, Translate Your Survey using Snap Survey Software

Step 1: Exporting the original version of your survey

Step 2: Sending the file to the translator

Step 3: Importing the new translated file

Accesss the worksheet Translate Your Survey

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